Vyacheslav Glazkov v Malik Scott – 23rd February

 Both of these fighters come from solid amateur backgrounds most recently some may remember Glazkov broke Tor Hamer down into submission in his last bout, and Hamer is a decent enough heavyweight and is clever.

But Glazkov showed how technically well tuned he is and would respond and adapt to anything Hamer tried to bring i believe Glazkov is the better and more rounded technician out of these two boxers i also believe he brings a fair bit of power too.

Scott has had a good career but his never really ever made that “step up” until perhaps now, hes unbeaten, but against who is the real question here, many of his opponents do not come close to the level that i feel Glazkov can bring tonight and it appears scott has just been happy to get by.

I really do like Glazkov in this fight i think the style Scott brings Glazkov will have answers too.

I also do not believe Scott hits hard enough to keep a tough guy like Glazkov honest.

ATR’s Bet – £100 on Glazkov 4/6 Pinnacle