Tony Bellew Vs Isaac Chilemba – 25th May 2013

Tony Bellew Vs Isaac Chilemba – 25th May 2013

Location – O2 Arena (Millenium Dome), Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

WBC Silver light heavyweight Title 

Some of you may remember i picked the very tough awkward and illusive Isaac Chilemba last time around and to be honest i haven’t really been given any reason to switch my pick despite the fact Chilemba odds have shortened from 5/2 to 9/5 i still think Chilemba’s price is good enough from what i saw last time out, albeit he will need to start a bit quicker this time round.

Chilemba as we saw last time around is a very slick opponent and is very hard to tag he at times made Bellew look rather limited and unless Bellew can catch him with something rather special i still see him facing a rather tough task here.

(Snippets from my last fight analysis) –

Chilemba at only 25 is well seasoned and has faced some tough opposition to date, probably of a higher standard than Bellew has faced and this is not an easy fight for Bellew. Chilemba is tough and has a decent chin, he is Malawi born but resides in Johannesburg and one of his better performances was against fellow SA and highly regarded prospect Tommy Oosthiuzen when they fought out a draw.

Bellew is a boxer with power he is adaptable and can box behind his jab or mix it up on the inside, he came within a whisker of winning a world title when he dropped a Majority decision to Nathan Cleverly. Recently though he has at times shown a lack of composure when i fight hasn’t been going his way and Chilemba is the type of opponent who will frustrate opponents with his speed and illusiveness.

This is a really close fight and i see it as a 50/50 type fight, Bellews heavy hands will always give him a chance but i can see him being frustrated by Chilemba’s awkwardness and busy style and i see Chilemba winning rounds in this fight.

Chilemba can be dropped though this was showed against Maxim Vlasov when Chilemba got dropped twice in the 8th round, however he did show a toughness about him and cameback to dominate to a decision victory, Chilemba isn’t a big puncher however i feel he will have enough to keep Bellew honest and is not an opponent Bellew can just walk though.

Remember we stuck £5 on the draw the last time round and i would best advise doing that again as although its unlucky to occur again but you never and it proved very profitable last time round.

However im taking on Chilemba again this one i think he still has the tools here to frustrate Bellew and get the nod and the price is still playable.



£5000 – £50 on Chilemba 9/5 at BETFAIR, £5 on the draw 22/1 SKY BET

£2500 – £25 on Chilemba 9/5 at BETFAIR, £2.50 on the draw 22/1 SKY BET

£1000 – £10 on Chilemba 9/5 at BETFAIR, £1 on the draw 22/1 SKY BET

£500 – £5 on Chilemba 9/5 at BETFAIR, £0.50 on the draw 22/1 SKY BET