Timothy Bradley Vs Ruslan Provodnikov – 16/03/13

Home Depot Center, Carson, California, USA 

WBO Welterweight Title

When Bradley beat Pacquiao you expected his next fight to be a big money spinning fight, instead he faces tough russian Ruslan Provodnikov, this isnt the kind of fight i for one expected him to be in.

Now Provodnikov is a good little fighter but i dont see him in Bradleys class, he is very tough and strong and throws heavy shots, and it is always possible he could score a knock down in this fight, however i think hes up against it here, Bradley i believe belongs at Elite Level and is actually underrated and under appreciated by many.

Although not a big puncher Timothy Bradley has many many other tools at his disposal, he is extremely ring smart, quick, slick and very invasive in the sense he knows how to outsmart whats in front of him and will look to grind down on a fighters heart in there with unbelievable conditioning and work rate.

I wouldnt go as far as saying this is a complete mis-match but i do see Bradley schooling Provodnikov at times in this fight and breaking any belief that the russian ever had at the sound of the first bell.

You just have to take a look at Ruslans record of opposition and compare it to Bradleys to understand what a step up he is taking here, Bradley has fought a whole range of Top end fighters in his last few bouts, beating all of them whereas although Ruslan has fought at a decent level its no where near Bradleys class and hes been beaten along the the way (although that was an extremely closely fought battle to underrated Mauricio Herrera) .

I expect the russian to be extremely tough and resiliant though its in his DNA this guys as tough as nails, therefore i expect this may go the distance and Bradley will win a wide decision fairly comfortably, however its difficult to bet this one because its 4/7 best price and thats not really a price that im comfotable with it is rather at the short end.

Bradley to find a stoppage is 11/4 and the russian isnt the best defensive fighter, and i see Bradley being able to land his best shots in this fight and although i see the Russian hanging in there, you have to take into account the referee will only want to see so much, coupled with the possibility of Bradley opening up a cut, i think 11/4 is worth a nibble.

*Note -Make the play with Sky Bet as they have it Bradley 1-12 and there terms state if a points victory is given before the number of full rounds have been complete then the 1-12 is a winner therefore if the fight was to go to the scorecards early because of a cut etc and Bradley won then Bradley 1-12 would be a winning bet.



£5000 – £40 on Bradley 1-12 Sky Bet 11/4

£2500 – £20 on Bradley 1-12 Sky Bet 11/4

£1000 – £8 on Bradley 1-12 Sky Bet 11/4

£500 – £4 on Bradley 1-12 Sky Bet 11/4