Timothy Bradley Vs Diego Chaves – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip.


Timothy Bradley Vs Diego Chaves 

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip. 

Timothy Bradley makes his comeback after taking his first loss to Manny Pacquiao in April of this year, he will face rough, hard hitting Argentinian Diego Chaves in Las Vegas this weekend. It is set to be a bumper packed weekend of boxing as 2014 closes and 2015 dawns nearer. 

Timothy Bradley is an exceptional athlete and an elite fighter, he is arguably a current top 5 pound for pound fighter, without question top 10. He is not a power puncher but he is pretty expert in most other areas. He is technically sound, when he wants to be. He is strongly shredded, mentally tough and and very hard to get over on. 

The only weakness with Bradley other than not being a power puncher is his desire to be one. In past fights Bradley has completely abandoned his boxing and gone looking for the unlikely knockout, Against Ruslan Provodnikov this nearly cost him a fight he was more than capable of winning by a shut out decision. 

Against Manny Pacquiao in April, early on Bradley looked like he had the tools to really frustate Pacquiao to me. However by the half way point he had completely abandoned any game plan and started throwing bombs allowing Manny to sweep the second half of the fight and win a comfortable decision. Ok even sticking to a game plan he may still have lost that fight but it would have been closer. 

If Timothy Bradley abandons his boxing again this weekend he could make another fight he has the ability to win comfortably close and competitive when it really doesn’t need to be. If Bradley gets too involved I can see him getting dropped like he did against Provodnikov in this one. 

Timothy Bradley on his A game should have no problem winning clear against Diego Chaves this weekend. 

Diego Chaves is a big puncher who can box as shown in spurts against Brandon Rios and others in his career, he gave Keith Thurman a tough fight and was beating Brandon Rios until he was disqualified for a series of fouls, a fight more suited to WWE than a boxing ring. Chaves is a decent fighter who will give a lot of top tier opposition fits.

In Bradley however I believe he is meeting a unique elite fighter who he won’t have any answers too. 

I am backing Bradley to win a wide unanimous decision this weekend but with only 8/15 on offer there isn’t too much value in it.

Ladbrokes have a unanimous decision at 4/6 in their final judgement boxing specials market, now those of you who haven’t followed one of these bets before it basically means we can’t afford a majority or split decision to occur the decision needs to be unanimous on all 3 judges scorecards, but I will be surprised if Bradley doesn’t win this pretty clear on the cards. 

Prediction: Bradley UD 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £30 on Bradley by unanimous decision 4/6 Ladbrokes