The Gypsy who Became King

By Abbas Dadhiwala

Tyson Fury (25-0, 18 KOs) became Britain’s newest World Heavyweight Champion with a unanimous decision victory over former champion Wladimir Klitschko (64-4, 53 KOs) at the Esprit Arena in Germany. Fury claimed the WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight titles with a great victory against one of the hardest punchers Heavyweight boxing has ever seen.

The fight was Klitschko’s first loss for over 10 years. His last loss came against Lamon Brewster. This wasn’t a Wladimir Klitschko that we had seen before. It looked like he had aged overnight. The left hand was not the regular jab that Emanuel Steward drilled into him. The steelhammer of a right hand was non existent. He looked static and unable to counter anything Fury did.

At the start of the fight Fury needed to get Klitschko out of his normal stance. So he feigned and faked to throw shots, but it was proving tough for Fury as Klitschko remained in that robotic like stance. Fury spent the first few rounds fighting from range and negating the Champ’s right hand. Fury’s range was proving difficult for Klitschko and he was unable to get closer to land any meaningful shots.

A cut appeared under Klitschko’s right eye in the fifth, due to an accidental clash of heads. By round six Fury was in control of the fight. All the action was from Fury’s side. Fury taunted Klitschko by putting both hands behind his back ala Roy Jones Jnr. All this was done for Klitschko to come out of his stance and engage. The fight came alive in the 9th as both boxers landed big shots. Klitschko hit 2 right hands, with Fury feeling the second one with a delayed reaction. But Fury has a good chin and came back to end the round on top and landed a huge left hook onto Klitschko’s jaw after the Champ had turned his back on him.

There were absolutely no body shots from Klitschko, it looked like Fury was the Champ and Klitschko the challenger where the stage had got to him. Fury would hit shots to the body and try to follow that up with a shot to the chin, but when Klitschko got into range to fire a body shot, he would just clinch. Never before has a champ gave such a weak performance after being such a big favourite. Wladimir has one of the biggest right hands Heavyweight boxing has ever seen, to not use it was suicidal and ultimately it cost him the fight.

Due to the dodgy judging that is prevalent in Germany, nobody knew which way the rounds were going, what the judges were seeing, how they were scoring the rounds. When Fury got a point deducted in the 11th for rabbit punching, it felt as that could be a big turning point in the terms of the judging. Klitschko showed urgency in the 12th, but it was too late and Fury withstood anything that the Ukrainian could throw at him.

A unanimous point’s decision gave Fury victory and a raft of belts. The new Champ sang Aerosmith’s song “I don’t want to miss a thing” for his wife who is expecting their third child. Long live the new king of the Heavyweight division. Klitschko has already said he will exercise his rematch clause, but I for one think he will not take that option and he should gracefully retire. Fury can look forward to taking the WBC belt from Wilder, which could be an easy nights work for Fury on last weekends performance.