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Welcome to’s premium boxing betting group, we research and analyse boxing bouts worldwide each week to offer the most well informed boxing betting tips on the internet, period.

This service is separate to our free service we operate on Facebook and Twitter which previews all the big high profile bouts for free. This premium group focuses on the more obscure international bouts and lesser known undercard bouts. It is aimed at those who bet on boxing on a regular basis and are looking to make some extra income from it.

That being said this is not a get rich scheme and we can’t guarantee success or profits, especially over short periods of time. Making profit from boxing betting is not an easy task it requires a lot of knowledge of the sport and fighters. Research is time consuming and requires serious effort.

However we are confident you are joining a unique, elite group and are in the company of some of the most knowledgeable traders in boxing betting. If you are in any doubt our track record speaks for itself, you can view our track record year by year since January 1st 2013 on our about page here.

What the service offers?

A weekly email with all the boxing bouts that offer a betting market that week. Our carefully researched predictions for each bout and all recommended bets for the week.

Early access to all our ‘free’ tips, meaning you will usually be able to get on the very best odds in the market before our tips are released (Prices on our tips usually shorten after publication due to the popularity the tips and the amount of followers we have on social media).

Access to any advice you need, we offer a personal and professional service and will guide members a long  in their betting journey whenever needed.

Betting Challenges – We also run fun betting challenges in our group in an attempt to turn small stakes into big winnings by rolling over the stake each week. Look out for the latest challenge in your email.

Monthly email detailing a summary of performance and a wrap up on our thoughts for the month gone and a look at the month ahead.

Money Back Guarantee 

We are very confident once you join this unique and elite betting group you will not want to leave, therefore we offer a money back guarantee. If you feel the service is not for you you can cancel it at any time with immediate effect, if you feel the service is not for you within the first month simply let us know and we will refund your first month payment no questions asked.

How to use the service?

We suggest following recommended bets only for serious bets, however you are welcome to use our predictions to form accumulators. We advise you keep stakes low when betting for fun purposes such as accumulators. Also join in with the betting challenges they are fun and usually use low stakes over a lengthy period of time.

Our stakes will be displayed in points i.e. 1pt, 2pt etc depending upon your bankroll you will need to convert into a staking plan i.e. 1 pt = £10 and 2pt =£20.

Note: Please read our about page for sensible staking and bankroll management advice, also the number one rule when betting is you only bet with funds you can afford to lose.

How do I join?

Sign up below using one of the payment methods and you will be added to our subscription mailing list and will become a member of this elite betting group! (Please note the email address you use for paypal will be added to our mailing list, if you require us to use a different email please add this in the notes section during the paypal transaction or contact us at

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