Seth Mitchell Vs Jonathan Banks – 22nd June 2013

Seth Mitchell Vs Jonathan Banks – 22nd June 2013 

Location – Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

WBC International heavyweight title

Preview, Prediction and Betting tip

This is a Rematch of a bout that took place in November last year, Mitchell went into the bout as a fairly heavy odds on favourite and after a bright opening round he looked to be inadequately exposed in the 2nd as Banks seemed to be able to catch the oncoming Mitchell at will and after 3 knockdowns Mitchell could not dig his way out of the trenches.

It was a match up where experience and the finer tuned boxing skills won the day over brute power and strength, and many believe the same will happen again with Banks now the marginal favourite going into the rematch.

Banks came in at 218 compared to Mitchells 242 the last time out and he looked very light on his feet and showed good movement when dealing with Mitchell’s offense and was able to be fairly illusive while being quick enough to land counters and inevitably lay a trap for what appeared to be a slower Mitchell.

Mitchell comes in at 243 while banks comes in slightly lighter at 216 therefore you can see why many favour Banks after what they saw the first time round, however i am not sure it will be as easy for Banks this time round as i expect to see a much more thoughtful and thinking Mitchell in front on him on Saturday night.

Mitchell had been banging out opponents left right and centre, prior to the Banks bout he was unbeaten and he had stopped his last 10 opponents, 9 within 3 rounds and sometimes i do feel fighters who are unbeaten and are unchallenged begin to believe their own hype and that they maybe indestructible and sometimes it takes a little something like a defeat to bring then back to human form.

There is no question Banks can really hurt Mitchell we know that now, but i don’t think we quite saw Mitchell land his best shots on Banks and it will be interesting to see if or when he does this time round, it was all over to soon and Banks movement had to be credited for that, however if Mitchell can give more thought to his offense and can avoid being so reckless coming in i believe we may see a different fight this time round, certainly one that is fought more conservatively and perhaps goes on for longer than people expect.

I fancy Mitchell to get it right this time round, while he will perhaps never be good enough to win a world title or compete against a Klitschko i still believe he is better than what we saw first time out and is still very much a contender against what is currently a fairly weak batch of American heavyweights.

ATR’s Bet – £50 on Seth Mitchell any method 28/25 at Pinnacle (remember you get a refund if it is a draw at Pinnacle) (based on 5k bankroll adjust stakes according to bankroll size)