Sergey Kovalev Vs Jean Pascal II – Preview and Prediction

Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal will get it on again for a second time after an enthralling first encounter, the first fight saw Kovalev punish Pascal for the majority of 8 rounds but Pascals heart, courage and spots of success made for a gripping fight.

Pascal has been fairly outspoken in the build up to this fight, accusing Kovalev of racism which has added needle and tension to the fight, it won’t be to everyone’s taste but when you take all that away you have to admire this man for stepping into the ring with a beast like Kovalev for a second time. For most once would be enough.

Pascal is showing plenty of guts taking this fight and you have to respect that, but he may just be playing Russian roulette with his health, Kovalev is a dangerous man who not only possesses brilliant boxing IQ but is also one of biggest punchers in the sport right now.

Pascal showed what a durable guy he is to stand up to Kovalev’s punishment for 8 rounds, even then the referee had to call it a day with Pascal still protesting the stoppage.

However anyone watching the fight will know Pascal was out on his feet and the referee made absolutely the right call, it could have in fact come earlier for me.

I think we will see the same again, another brave performance from Pascal but it wont be enough against a ruthless Kovalev who I expect to inflict another stoppage loss on Pascal somewhere around the mid rounds yet again.

A Kovalev stoppage is very short priced at 1/4, so I am going to pair this pick up with the Groves fight, Sky Bet have Groves Vs Di Luisa under 8 rounds and Kovalev vs Pascal under 10 rounds at evens, I think that is a very strong double and has an excellent chance of doubling our money.


BETTING TIP: Double – £25 on Groves Vs Di Luisa under 8 rounds + Pascal Vs Kovalev under 10 rounds – Evens @ Sky bet.