Sergey Kovalev Vs Blake Caparello – Preview, prediction and betting recommendation

kovalev vs blake

Sergey Kovalev Vs Blake Caparello

Preview, prediction and betting recommendation 

Sergey Kovalev puts his WBO light heavyweight title on the line against Australia’s Blake Caparello, Unbeaten Caparello is still relatively unknown outside of his native homeland but he does bring with him some good technique and boxing ability, there is some slickness to this guy. 

Kovalev currently has a reputation for being one of the biggest punchers pound for pound in the sport, currently spotting an 88% KO ratio only two fighters have gone the distance with Kovalev and those were a 6 rounder and 8 rounder. 

Only two other guys have gone past 6 rounds with Kovalev and tragically one of those brave men – Roman Simakov lost his life. Kovalev is a devastating puncher make no mistake. 

Caparello is a slick boxer with some classy technique, he stands very side on and makes himself a small target and has very good movement, there’s elements of his style that remind me of Floyd Mayweather, please don’t take that they wrong way I am not saying Caparello is anywhere near as good as Floyd just that I can see elements of Floyds style in Caparello and the way he fights. 

I think this is a standard win for Kovalev, Caparello with all his skills and talent will fight off the back foot for as long as this fight lasts and while he may have moments where he makes Kovalev look silly and punch air  he will be hunted down by Kovalev relentlessly and he can be find languishing on the ropes and Kovalev will find him eventually. 

And I give Caparello 3 or 4 rounds before Kovalev starts to close the gap and land big and when that happens the fight will most likely be be over. The problem for Caparello is he is not a big puncher and I am not sure he will be able to earn Kovalev’s respect. 

There isn’t much value at all to be had at all in this fight with Kovalev just 4/6 to win in rounds 1-6, but I think it happens and I am prepared to make a play on it. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £30 on Sergey Kovalev rounds 1-6 4/6 Ladbrokes