Sam Soliman Vs Jermain Taylor – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip


Sam Soliman Vs Jermain Taylor

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip

Jermain Taylor looks to rewind the glory years by capturing an unlikely world title, 5 years ago back to back stoppage losses to Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham looked to have signalled the end of of a great career for the former unified middleweight champion. 

However 4 wins in a row since 2011 has somehow earned Taylor a shot at Soliman’s IBF title. The truth is however, other than contender Caleb Traux who dropped Taylor the opposition has been extremely modest. Personally I think Taylor is well past his best and shot. 

Soliman at 40 years old could also be considered past his prime, however Soliman is one of the most physically optimum 40 year old’s you will ever see, his work rate is immense and it’s not unusual for Soliman to throw nearly 1000 punches in a fight. Soliman has a kind of quirky style, he leans forward with his hands low, almost as if he is off balance but throws a great variation from different angles.

I can see Soliman dominating this contest with his high work rate and puzzling octopus type style, and while he certainly is not the biggest puncher and doesn’t score too many KO’s I do give him a shot at scoring one tonight. 

If I was to make a prediction I would say Soliman with a wide decision but 4/6 is not too much fun, I am going to make a play on the 9/2 being offered on a Soliman KO/TKO victory, I think it has a better chance than the 9/2 odds may suggest. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £20 on Sam Soliman by KO/TKO 9/2 Sky Bet