Russian Card – Denis Lebedev Vs Pawel Kolodziej & Krzystof Wlodarczyk Vs Grigory Drozd – Betting Tips

Boxer Wlodarczyk of Poland stands on a scale during an official weigh-in prior to his WBC cruiserweight title fight against Robinson of the U.S. in Warsaw

Krzystof Wlodarczyk Vs Grigory Drozd

Preview and betting tip

WBC Cruiserweight champion Krzystof Wlodarczyk puts his belt on the line against Russian Grigory Drodz in Russia. I like the style match up here I think this could turn out to be a very intriguing contest. 

Drodz has good movement, a solid jab and crisp combinations whilst Wlodarczyk is a solid champion, as tough as they come with a great inside game that breaks wills. 

Wlodarczyk was being battered for a large portion against Olympic gold medallist Rakhim Chakhkiev but showed a desire and will to win, and hung in there and turned the fight around eventually stopping the Olympic champion in the 8th round. Chahkiev is clearly the more talented fighter but Wlodarczyk showed what toughness and heart can overcome in a boxing ring. I really like Wlodarczyk he is the definition of tough. 

Drodz technically is very sound but he has not fought at the level Wlodarczyk has but he can certainly do very well in this fight, he uses his feet well using circular movement whilst landing crisp jabs and combinations. 

Infact I expect Drodz to start brightly in this fight and he will likely take a lead but I think Wlodarcyzk inside game will eventually be too much for him and I fancy Wlodarczyk to grow into this fight strongly and force a late stoppage. 

It is risky backing Wlodarczyk in Russia as it is unlikely he will get the nod if it is close and goes to points, but I think he will win this fight convincingly enough, hopefully to the point the scorecards are irrelevant. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £25 on Wlodarczyk any method 10/11 Bet365 


Denis Lebedev Vs Pawel Kolodziej

Preview and Betting Tip 

Denis Lebedev makes his comeback after a year our of the ring due to injury, he faces Poland’s Pawel Kolodziej, an unbeaten fighter making a significant step this weekend. Other than a few early career appearances in Germany Kolodziej has not fought outside of Poland in a 33 fight career. 

But Kolodziej looks a pretty decent fighter, his stance and the way he uses his jab to keep a fight long reminds me a little of Klitschko however he certainly is no where near that level of fighter, there was just a hint of that kind of style to his make up.

However Kolodziej is certainly hittable and given Lebedev’s aggressive style and big punching power I fancy him to land something big at some point in this fight and I think he will get the stoppage but at 4/9 for a Lebedev KO/TKO there is no way I would consider that price. 

Lebedev is 11/4 to get a decision I do believe there is some value in that price, with such a long lay off he may be a little rusty also, it will be a tough ask for Kolodziej to make the distance but I certainly think he has the tools to go rounds with Lebedev and keep the fight long. But Lebedev should find his way in here and force a stoppage at some point. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £15 on Lebedev by decision 11/4 Bet365