Roberto Santos Vs Marcos Nader – 12th April

This is a rematch of a bout that took place last year, which was a very exciting contest that resulted in a Majority draw 114-114 114-114 and 115-114 to Santos.

Nader is the home town fighter and is the younger, fresher and probably marginally more talented guy here, he has fast hands and a willingness which compensates for a lack of pop in his shots.

Santos is a gritty customer though however he can be very hit and miss, ive seen him stink the place out before but on a good day he is more than a match for Nader and i expect another closely contested fight.

I am going to have a little nibble on Santos, hes 12/5 at Bet365 which is also good as at 365 is a void if a draw occurs again.

Be quick as the market will probably close in the next hour on this one, sorry this is a last minute decision it may prove a bad one or a fruitful one we will find out soon!


£5000 – £25 on Santos 12/5 Bet365

£2500 – £12.50 on Santos 12/5 Bet365

£1000 – £6.50 on Santos 12/5 Bet365

£500 – £3.25 on Santos 12/5 Bet365