Robert Helenius Vs Michael Sprott – 23/03/13

Helenuis makes his second return from a shoulder injury that kept him out for the best part of a year, he had to settle for a UD win against journeyman Sherman Williams in his initial return from the injury a bout in which he looked rusty but i suppose you can forgive him for that given the circumstances.

Helenuis most will remember from his fight with Derek Chisora when Chisora was absolutely robbed in a fight where he managed to outland Helenuis by double the punches, its also a fight where Helenuis failed to establish his Jab and clearly lost the fight.

Ill keep it short as we dont have much time to get the bet on but although i like Helenuis in this fight, this is very much a fight i could also see him losing and Sprout is far from a shot veteran and i believe still has something left here, 6/1 is a decent price in a bout that has i would say has about a 20-25% chance of an upset.

However im not expecting anything here so stakes will be low, but sometimes these shots at value can pay off.



£5000- £10 on Sprout 6/1 Bet365

£2500- £5 on Sprout 6/1 Bet365

£1000- £2 on Sprout 6/1 Bet365

£500- £1 on Sprout 6/1 Bet365