Ricky Burns Vs Jose Gonzalez – 11th May 2013

Ricky Burns Vs Jose Gonzalez – 11th May 2013 

Emirates Arena, Glasgow Scotland 

WBO lightweight Title 

After 8 months out of the ring and some frustrating cancellations along the way Burns finally returns to the ring with new Promoter Eddie Hearn and Matchroom.

He faces a real tough test against Jose Gonzalez who is a devastating puncher and has stopped 17 of his 22 opponents to date and 11 of those have been in the 1st 3 rounds so this isn’t the kind of guy Burns wants to stay in the pocket and trade off with for too long and Gonzalez packs a killer body shot.

In Burns you have an overall sound and rounded technician with a great engine and solid defence, he has a very effective Jab and throws together great combinations and mixes up his punches well, head to body. Whilst Burns isn’t known for his speed or power i do believe he has gained some power in recent bouts and his left hook now looks a feisty weapon.

Whilst Gonzalez is best known for his punching power i don’t believe its the only thing he brings, he does appear to have a good level of ring intelligence, he is certainly not overly brash, he is mindful of distance and will look to pick his shots with educated pressure rather than an in your face brawler type pressure. 

I think this is a really dangerous fight for Burns in terms of losing the fight and in terms of risk to stock as Gonzalez is always going to be a threat and Burns has much more to lose, this will not be the same as losing a fight with Adrien Broner or even Miguel Vasquez. 

Burns we know has a great chin and bags of heart, he has been in with big punchers before however i get the feeling Gonzalez power threat here is the real deal, if you disagree i would advise you to look him up on your tube his body shots against Eddie Soto and Oscar Cuero would stop any fighter, Elite level or not. 

I think Burns has enough tools and the skill set to beat Gonzalez i dont doubt that for a second, he can keep the fight at range and we could see him cruise to a wide unanimous decision, we have to take into account this is a big step up in level for Gonzalez and while he has beaten decent domestic level type fighters, its not in the same breath as an ever improving Ricky Burns.

However its the way Gonzalez has dismantled his opposition that makes me believe Gonzalez brings a real threat Saturday night, the way i see it its not just his punching power that i give credit to those stoppages, he has shown ring smarts and good technique along the way, he can throw punches slightly wide of the mark at times but if he can get Burns on the inside this guy is very very dangerous, i certainly wouldn’t pull the trigger on Burns at 1/4 thats for sure.

Im going for Gonzalez at 17/4 i think its a very very good price for a guy who can stop a fight with one blow and also looks to be half decent fighter also, for me an upset come Saturday night wouldn’t be the biggest shock from what i have seen of Jose so far in his career and i like his price.

Bankrolls (I advise staking on different bankroll levels so all can join in following the tips and the fun depending on their bankrolls/circumtances, so you can choose a bankroll level below and stick with it)

£5000 – £40 on Gonzalez 17/4 at Pinnacle 

£2500 – £20 on Gonzalez 17/4 at Pinnacle 

£1000 – £8 on Gonzalez 17/4 at Pinnacle 

£500 – £4 on Gonzalez 17/4 at Pinnacle