Paulie Malignaggi Vs Adrien Broner – 22nd June 2013

Paulie Malignaggi Vs Adrien Broner – 22nd June 2013

Location – Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA

WBA Welterweight Title 

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip

Adrien Broner is being tipped as the next pound for pound king of boxing, at only 23 he already hold world titles at 2 different weight classes and now finds himself jumping from the lightweight division to the welterweight division and straight into a world title fight for Paulie Malignaggi’s WBA welterweight title.

One of the biggest factors will be how Broner adjusts to the big jump up in weight, he looked absolutely fine at the weigh in coming in at 146.8 and my feeling is he will deal with the weight just fine, his frame was always very big at super featherweight and lightweight and i think this is just another step along his journey and rise to the top.

For Malignaggi to have any chance of victory against Broner he will need to utilise his effective jab and movement and try and keep the fight on the outside, peppering and outlanding Broner and bag enough rounds to have his hand raised at the end.

However that will not be easy as Broner has the superior speed and power, he will use different angles and lets his hands go with real spite and venom, he has a real explosive offense. However what propels Broner as perhaps a special fighter is he is vastly developed defensively and has the whole package.

There are comparisons to Floyd Mayweather and i do see why as you can see Broner has implemented his style from Mayweather, however i see mental weaknesses in Broner that i didn’t see in Mayweather in the early days, he seems to switch off during fights and i do wonder what happens when he meets an Elite fighter that can match him for speed and power and take him to the other side. Behind all the brash talk and bravado does Broner have the heart he will need as he progresses through the levels?

The way i see the fight is like this, Paulie just doesnt have enough power to keep a guy like Broner honest and respectful and Broner will force him to engage in the end, and when that happens i can see Broner hurting Paulie.

Malignaggi has always had bags of heart and a kind of special resilience, however i don’t think Broner is even fighting a Paulie Malignaggi in his prime, and while i expect another gutsy performance from the magic man and perhaps even a very bright start from Paulie i believe Broner carries his power to welterweight and forces Malignaggi into a fight he just cannot win.

Malignaggi’s only chance of winning is keeping the fight on the outside for 12 rounds and if he had the power to keep Broner respectful i could see him perhaps pulling off one of the greatest magic tricks of the year but i don’t see him hurting Broner enough to deter Broner.

Prediction – Paulie to start brightly and maybe even win a couple of rounds but Broner will catch up with him and when he does i expect Broner to crank up the hurt and finish the fight around the 7th-9th round.

ATR’s Bet – £50 on under 9.5 round 13/10 Pinnacle and £5 on Malignaggi at 10/1 Pinnacle or Betfair (Based on 5k bankroll adjust according to own bankroll)