Orlando Salido Vs Miguel Angel Garcia – 19th January (approx 4am UK time) Boxnation

Location – Madison Square Garden, New York USA 

WBO featherweight title The number 1 Mexican and America featherweights go head to head in what i fancy will be the fight of the weekend. Garcia has a fantastic knockout record and has dismantled 26 of 30 opponents before the final bell, hes a very technical fighter who is patient and will look to unlock a fighters DNA before countering at will, and obviously can punch a fair bit too as his record clearly suggests.

Garcia is a quality fighter who is yet to be really be tested in his career he stopped former champ Jonathan Victor Barros in his last outing this was a decent win as Barros although isn’t what i would call an Elite fighter had been around and was a highly experienced and capable fighter and gone the distance with Yuriorkis Gamboa in 2010 who i rate among one of the very best boxers around at the moment.

However i don’t think Garcia has quite been in with anyone quite like Salido, Salido is a rough and rugged Mexican who has been fighting men since the age of 15 when he turned Pro, he lost a few bouts early in his career which makes his record look tarnished, however he can be forgiven as he has never been given an easy ride and quite often he has never quite read the script either causing his fair share of upsets in a 17 year fight career, the truth is Salido at the age of 32 has pretty much only ever known prizefighting it runs through his blood and im pretty sure theres nothing in a boxing ring Salido hasn’t seen before.

Salido brings relentless pressure but its not a kind of raw and wild pressure its a calculated and intelligent pressure, he will look to slip his way inside and land big shots until his opponent succumbs, he also keeps his guard tight and can be a pretty decent counter puncher also.

The way i see it, this is a step up for Garcia and he will be facing a guy who will force him into trade offs and i think in these scenerios it maybe Salido who has the upper hand with his experience fighting inside and just general tough guy make up , rather than Garcias power and counter punching. You see i believe that Salido will take Garcia places hes never been before and into the trenches.

With Salido is you take away his early losses he has only really lost to Elite fighters in Juan Manuel Marquez and Yuriorkis Gamboa, he even had Gamboa down in round 8 of their bout, he lost to Cristobal Cruz but i don’t really count that as he won the first fight but was subject to some poor judging and cruised Cruz fairly comfortably in a rematch 18 months later.

However you can never write off Mickey Garcia he is a fantastic fighter and it only takes one punch in boxing to turn a fight and with his power you just cant dismiss him finding something when it really matters.

I usually like to wait to see how the markets develop before putting up my picks but i see Salido is 2/1 at Bet365 whilst as little as 11/8 elsewhere and i think this is a really generous price which is why i have got this one up so early. Also i like betting with 365 as your covered on the draw as there market is a 2 way outcome and any draw is void and money refunded this in effect adds extra value to the price that you wont get at other mainstream bookmakers.

I am also looking at the method market as i see Salido is as high as 11/2 for the KO/TKO and 20’s to find a late stoppage 10-12, however i will leave those markets alone for now and see how they develop as currently only 2 bookmakers are playing them at the moment and that may change, for now i think getting the money on 2/1 is the sensible play as i can see those odds shorting as he fight nears.

ATR’s Bet – £75 on Salido any method 2/1 at Bet365 

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