Nonito Donaire v Guillermo Rigondeaux – 13/04/13

Location – Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York, USA

WBO super bantamweight title
WBA Super World super bantamweight title

Rigondeaux is arguably the best amateur to ever lace a boxing glove, with over 400 amateur fights, 2 Olympic titles and 2 world amateur titles this guy is an incredible talent, he defected from Cuba in 2007 but was sent back before defecting again in 2009 to Miami, which instigated the beginning of his professional career.

Rigodeaux has settled into the Pro game very well winning a world title in just his 7th bout against the very capable and talented Ricardo Cordoba, both fighters hit the canvass in that fight and although it wasn’t a pretty win for Rigo the scorecard issued by Nelson Vazquez of 117-109 in favour of Rigodeaux was about right, and he currently has 8 stoppages in 11 pro fights to date.

Rigodeaux has a superior set of technical skills and an excellent defence, he rarely makes a mistake and fights with a unrivalled discipline between the ropes, never giving the opponent to much of a sniff, whilst landing meaningful shots with a double up on the Jab or a whisking hook to frustrate his opponents who are often left wanting. If you are a purest and want to see boxing skills displayed of the highest accolade , then you cannot go too far wrong in watching Rigodeaux for 30 minutes or so.

Donaire is probably one of the hardest hitting super bantamweights to ever fight at that weight, he has incredible punching power at 122 and probably hits at least a couple of weights above that. In the last 5 or 6 years he has mowed down world level opposition, doing things to opponents no other fighter could possibly dream off, he stopped reigning bantamweight champion Vic Darchinyan inside 5 rounds in 2007, no one has ever done that to Vic, and never will. He then stopped top bantamweight at the time Fernando Montiel inside 2 rounds, again no one had ever achieved such a feight against the solid Mexican.

Last year he had 4 excellent fights against tough opposition and came out victorious in all four bouts, winning him fighter of the year accolade, which was well deserved. Make no mistake Donaire is a classy operator with incredible power and arguably one of the best pound for pound at the moment.

Donaire is an aggressive fighter with a mindset for offense, however what makes him so special he has incredibly good technical boxing skills aswell, he has a kind of freestyle adaptable style of boxing and can adapt to whats in front of him, coupled with incredible punching power, propels Donaire to the very top of elite level boxing. 

However there are negatives for Donaire, he can leave himself exposed for the counters during an offensive assault on his opponent and he can seem frustrated at times and can look to wind up big shots rather than settle to outbox an opponent.

These are the negatives i believe Rigodeauxs compact and slick style will expose to the fullest its my belief Rigodeaux has the tools to really frustrate Donaire, and it is my belief Rigodeaux also has the power to stop Donaire, infact both of these fighters have the power to stop one another at any point in this fight and although i expect the fight to go the distance i would not be surprised to see a stoppage by either fighter here.

I probably say it too often but this really is a pick em fight, it is so close, i can see both fighters winning this in various different ways, its a fight that really excites me for so many reasons, i believe the winner really has an argument for pound for pound accolade.

As you know and i have explained several times on the page, profitable gambling is all about knowing what the right price is and weighing up this fight i believe 9/4 on Rigodeaux win or lose is the right price and i am going to take him on. 

I believe both fighters have a chance of a stoppage but i see a Rigodeaux stoppage is a quite incredible 15/2 at Betfair, once again with Rigodeaux skills and power that is a great price. 



£5000 – £50 on Rigodeaux any method 9/4 Stan James, £20 on Rigodeaux by KO/TKO 15/2 Betfair, £5 on the draw 25/1 Paddy Power 

£2500 – £25 on Rigodeaux any method 9/4 Stan James, £10 on Rigodeaux by KO/TKO 15/2 Betfair, £2.50 on the draw 25/1 Paddy Power 

£1000 – £10 on Rigodeaux any method 9/4 Stan James, £4 on Rigodeaux by KO/TKO 15/2 Betfair, £1 on the draw 25/1 Paddy Power 

£500 – £5 on Rigodeaux any method 9/4 Stan James, £2 on Rigodeaux by KO/TKO 15/2 Betfair, £0.50 on the draw 25/1 Paddy Power.