Nathan Cleverly Vs Tony Bellew II – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip.


Nathan Cleverly Vs Tony Bellew II

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip.

Tony Bellew and Nathan Cleverly will face each other in a anticipated rematch, however this time they will not be facing each other at light heavyweight but at Cruiserweight as they both look to get their careers back on track following crushing world title defeats at Light Heavyweight.

Both fighters have to date had two run outs at Cruiserweight and it is Bellew who has certainly fought the better opposition of the two, facing a multiple world title challenger and heavy handed fighter in Russian Valery Brudov and big punching Brazilian Julio Cesar Dos Santos.

While Cleverly has faced very modest opposition in Shawn Corbin and Alejandro Emilio Valori, both fighters have stopped all four opponents by knockout, but Bellew did have to overcome a crisis against Brudov in the 7th round where he appeared on the verge of being stopped.

I think from these two run outs its Bellew who we have found out more about, he looks like he possesses plenty of power at the weight but has also shown us he can be vulnerable also.

Cleverly fights were more showcase than anything, but on the scales at the weigh in on Friday Cleverly looked in great shape, and he looks like he has grown into a Cruiserweight very nicely, looking strong and relatively chiselled.

Bellew looked a little loose around the edges but I think that is just Bellew’s physique, both fighters should be able to go 12 rounds without any problem, particularly Cleverly who has shown a great engine throughout his career.

While the first fight between the two should be noted, I think we have a different fight on our hands here between two fighters that have more experience and are campaigning in a new weight division.

Its hard to gage how Cleverly will perform against decent opposition at Cruiserweight given he has had little testing to date, but at the weigh in for me he looked bigger and stronger than Bellew, he always had a great chin at light heavyweight but was never a puncher but the move up could give him the little bit of extra power required.

This is a tough fight to predict and I understand why bookmakers are sitting on the fence on this one, it is felt Bellew will suit the weight better having campaigned at heavyweight as an amateur but I think Cleverly looked very decent on the scales and he is the man I am picking this weekend, however I really wouldn’t be surprised to see either fighter winning via any method this weekend. It really is that kind of fight.

There is no secret there is plenty of bad blood and tension between the two and while their first fight was hardly Gatti Vs Ward I think this fight will live up to expectations and could turn out to be a British classic.

I fancy a stoppage in this fight, I think Cleverly is a hittable target when he comes forward and Bellew could certainly land a game changer, but I can also see Bellew really struggling with Cleverly’s volume and work rate as the rounds progress. 

The way Bellew has shown vulnerabilities in fights, particularly the vulnerability he showed against Brudov on his cruiserweight debut leads me to believe Cleverly can have Bellew in trouble and at 5/1 for a Cleverly KO/TKO looks a great bet to me, however I will be straddling it with Bellew by KO/TKO as cover. 

Prediction: Nathan Cleverly TKO 10 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £15 on Cleverly by KO/TKO 5/1 Bet365, £10 on Bellew by KO/TKO 5/2 Sky Bet