Nathan Cleverly Vs Sean Corbin – Preview, Prediction and Betting Recommendation

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Nathan Cleverly Vs Sean Corbin

Nathan Cleverly makes his cruiserweight debut against relatively unknown Trinidad and Tobago Sean Corbin, Corbin’s most notable opponent in his career to date is Karo Murat who he lost by 2nd round TKO back in 2010. Murat is a guy Cleverly stopped in 10 rounds in the same year. 

I have to admit i haven’t seen much of Corbin only a couple of rounds against Murat where he looked technically flawed, not throwing his jab with any conviction, a weak defence where he is just open for shots, and going by his record this should be bread and butter for Cleverly finding his feet at Cruiserweight. 

Whether Corbin has improved since then i am not sure, you would like to think so, his record indicates he does have some power but really any time he has stepped up against credible opposition he has been stopped and anything other than a stoppage win for Cleverly would be a gloomy debut in my opinion. 

And the bookmakers agree with a Cleverly stoppage at just 1/3, however while i think that should be a nailed on cert, Cleverly was never a big puncher at light heavy, he is at a new weight and coming off the back of a devastating defeat plus i am not sure where his confidence is at, he certainly hasn’t looked as sure of himself in the media of late.

I would just hold fire on such a short price for this one while you can get a feel for Nathan at his new weight.

In the over/under round market there is an opportunity however to yield some risk free profit by betting the over/under 9.5 rounds market, Stan James have the fight to go to the 10th round or over at 15/8 while Ladbrokes have the fight end within 9 rounds at 4/6, if you bet £175 on the within 9 rounds at Ladbrokes at 4/6 then couple it with  a £100 bet on the 15/8 for 10th round or over at Stan James you can bag around £15.00 profit give or take a few pence.

The odds may not stay that way for long so you may need to be quick but that is what i am going to play rather than take the 1/3 on a Cleverly stoppage, however that is my prediction a Cleverly stoppage around the middle rounds 6-8.

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £175 on within 9 rounds 4/6 Ladbrokes coupled with £100 on 10th round or over 15/8 Stan James.