Nathan Cleverly Vs Robin Krasniqi – 20th April 2013

Location – Wembley London 

WBO Light Heavyweight Title 

Cleverly is an unbeaten prospect who is highly regarded by many, he has good rounded boxing skills, he utilises his jab and reach well, throws sharp and accurate punches. While he does not appear to be the biggest puncher he can hurt and grind an opponent down over a period of round with an accumulation of speed and accuracy. So far despite the odd lacklustre display has done what has been asked of him, however the level of test he is yet to face remains questionable.

Robin Krasniqi is the challenger, there appears to be an air of toughness about Krasniqi, theres certainly nothing special technically about him, he is fairly slow and lacks fluency. However the positives about Krasniqi is he brings pressure and will come forward and look to land big shots and i believe he has more power than perhaps his knockout percentage suggests.

Ive took a good look at Krasniqi and hes up against it here against a vastly superior fighter in Cleverly. I believe Cleverly will be too quick and classy here. Krasniqi will most likely will valiantly come forward and whilst i do expect him to have moments in the fight i expect Cleverly to outclass, and at times – will land at will.

This is not a fight i would bet big on because i believe Krasniqi is tough and i don’t believe Cleverly is great at finishing his opponents and sometimes goes into cruise control rather than stepping up when perhaps he should be putting the heat on his opponents more. So my point – i am fairly confident Cleverly wins this fight, i am just not convinced how and with the KO/TKO at 11/10 and the decision at 6/4 its a tough call and neither offer me the value to lean towards one or the other.

However there is a bet i am quite drawn too and that is in the round group betting market, Cleverly can be had at 3/1 to win in rounds 7-12 at Paddy Power this i think has a chance as Cleverly’s class should become more apparent as the rounds progress.



£5000 – £20 on Cleverly rounds 7-12 3/1 Paddy Power

£2500 – £10 on Cleverly rounds 7-12 3/1 Paddy Power

£1000 – £4 on Cleverly rounds 7-12 3/1 Paddy Power

£500 – £4 on Cleverly rounds 7-12 3/1 Paddy Powe

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