Mikey Garcia Vs Roman Martinez – 9th November 2013

Location – American Bank Centre, Corpus Christi, Texas USA 

WBO Super Featherweight Title

Martinez is a tough and gritty high volume puncher from Puerto Rico, he has a tendency to want to brawl, he has a good chin, which is evident in the fact he has never been stopped, and he also has decent power and is an experienced veteran.

Garcia is a real surgeon in the ring, he is technically sound and it is hard to pick faults, he has an excellent defense, precise and accurate punching ability and devastating power. Infact he may just have the tools to take him all the way to pound for pound stardom.

This is an interesting fight because Martinez always seems to make a fight of it against anyone and i can see him having his moments against Garcia, however Martinez’s instinct is to brawl and i think that play’s into Garcia’s hands somewhat in this fight, it maybe that he needs to try and take a more patient approach in this one.

Early i can see Martinez having success but Garcia will unlock the code after a few rounds and thats when i see Martinez coming under some heavy punishment and while Martinez is tough i think Garcia may just be the first to stop him.

Ladbrokes have the fight to end within 9 rounds at even money and i think its a viable play it may be close but i think Garcia can get the job done in the middle rounds if a standard Martinez style comes to fight, within 9 rounds means if we hear the bell for the 10th its a losing bet bet if Garcia or Martinez find a stoppage prior to that then it’s a winner.