Miguel Vazquez Vs Mickey Bey – Preview, Prediction and Betting Recommendation


Miguel Vazquez Vs Mickey Bey

Preview, Prediction and Betting Recommendation

Two technically talented and defensive minded fighters in Miguel Vazquez and Mickey Bey will fight each other for Vazquez’s IBF lightweight title, this will likely be one for the purists as if your looking for a slugfest you wont find it here. 

Bey is a money promotions fighter, which is likely how he got this shot. He is a talented fighter who barring a last round disaster against John Molina in a fight he was clearly winning would be undefeated, however he has never fought the level of a Miguel Vazquez and this is a big step up on a massive platform for Bey. 

Vazquez technically is the best lightweight out there without question, his movement and ability to control the ring and his opponent is second to none, however he tends to take his foot of the gas and allow fighters to nick rounds they really shouldn’t. 

I was tempted to have a little nibble on Bey simply because if this fight is a stinking non event, which it could be, then Bey may find himself on the end of generous scorecards and we could see something controversial happen. 

Then I sat down and watched both fighters at length again and switched. I really see Vazquez possibly dominating Mickey Bey, with all Beys talent I just see Vazquez a level, perhaps two above.

There really was not much value to be had in this one I see a Vazquez unanimous decision the most likely outcome but 4/7 really is low, but then I crossed the Paddy Power knockdown market and saw Mickey Bey to be knocked down at 4/1. This is a man who has been down twice in his last 5 fights against much lesser opposition than Vazquez will represent. 

I say that is well worth a play. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £10 on Mickey Bey to be knocked down 4/1 Paddy Power