Miguel Cotto Vs Delvin Rodriguez – 5th October 2013

Miguel Cotto Vs Delvin Rodriguez – 5th October 2013 

Orlando, Florida USA 

On paper this fight looks conclusive; Cotto has been fighting at Elite level for many years and has fought far superior opponents to Rodriguez. It could be easy to just dismiss this fight as a given in favour of Cotto.

I don’t necessarily see it like that, sometimes time and timing in boxing changes many factors and a fighters record becomes as only good as his last fight, in Cotto’s case we appeared to almost see him grow old and fade before our eyes against Austin Trout.

Cotto has been through many wars in his career and the clock has ticked up many miles, and while its almost hard to believe given the spectacular fights Cotto has dished up over the years, i believe we have seen the best of Miguel Cotto.

Although i still favour Cotto in this bout, it really is a matter of margins and i can still see Rodriguez in the thick of it, in my opinion Rodriguez appears to perform better against a pressure type fighter who forces him to fight and that’s what he will have in front of him come Saturday night.

People are dismissing Rodriguez because he has too many blemishes on his record and has not accomplished anywhere near the heights of a Miguel Cotto, losses to Ashley Theophane, Rafal Jackiewicz, Isaac Hlatshwayo are notable but they have all been close losses.

While i could be wrong and Cotto has more than enough to run over a guy like Rodriguez, I think 4/1 is worth a shot on a fighter who has the ability and tools to stay with this particular Cotto at this particular stage in his career.

ATR’s Bet – £25 on Rodriguez 4/1 Bet365 (refund if draw)