Martin Gethin v Ammeth Diaz – 31st May – Boxnation

Diaz is an aggressive, come forward type fighter he likes a brawl and will often be happy to get stuck in a trade off type fight, with little regard for defence, he has 11 losses on his rec with 7 stoppage losses, he has been around the circuit a long time making his pro debut as a young 16 year old and at 29 has amassed a wealth of experience. 

He has shared the ring with legitimate opposition and only last year fought Miguel Vazquez for the IBF lightweight title, despite being completely outclassed and suffering a knockdown he did go the full 12 rounds and has a number of upset wins to his name. 

Gethin was always a good but nothing spectacular fighter, 5 years ago he looked a buried fighter and lost 3 straight fights and many thought that was perhaps the end and Gethin had come as far as he could go, however ive always said some fighters really do peak late its like they find themselves, that little something that was missing in their skill set that propels them to a much better level.

Gethin looks to have found a new desire and commitment to the sport coupled with a much more solid and rounded skill set, he is much more adaptable fighter then he was in his younger days and his overall boxing ability looks to have improved Gethin looks a lot more flexible and can box or brawl, he looks to have found a new place, a good place.

Gethin will be fighting in his home town so will leave everything there in the town hall, and i think he is now at a level where he can handle a guy like Diaz, he has the better engine and enough power to grind down his game opponent.

I am going with Gethin to get the win and i think he has the chance at a possible late stoppage, the stoppage is 3/1 and i think its worth a small nibble.

ATR’s Bet – £75 on Gethin 5/6 Ladbrokes, £20 on Gethin by KO/TKO 3/1 Betfred (based on 5k bankroll, adjust stakes according to bankroll level)