Marco Huck Vs Ola Afolabi – 8th June 2013

Preview, Prediction and Betting tip 

Afolabi takes on his third pop at the captain Marco Huck and will be looking to finally bring home that illusive world title, the first 2 bouts were enthralling encounters Huck got a close unanimous nod first time out and then they fought out a perhaps debatable draw a year ago.

In their last encounter Afolabi looked to have Hucks number in the first half of the fight whilst Huck closed the fight strongly to get the draw, the question is – is Afolabi going to close the gap even further on Huck to get the decisive win and it will need to be decisive in Germany.

Huck is coming of a fairly gruelling contest with veteran Firat Arslan a fight many, me included expected him to win comfortable but he seemed to labour at times in that fight and perhaps just perhaps all the battles are finally taking there toll.

Afolabi is fairly athletic and versatile for such a big guy, he shows very good movement, speed and reflexes and seems to have good level of ring intelligence. It was his stamina that seemed to cost him in his last fight with Huck as he looked in control early but diminished slightly late on which cost him a decisive win.

This is something from my understanding that Afolabi is looking to put right in this fight and he has had a good camp and preparation for this fight and i think he may well be fighting Huck at the right time now, if he can control things early with his solid jab, speed and combination punching and keep tha momentum going into the second half of the fight he could be in a good place come the final bell Saturday night.

However it will not be easy against the Captain as with Marco Huck you have a guy who seems at times to show the greatest of resilience against diversity, he hits hard and will switch momentum at any given moment looking to land big combinations, he is a bit of a stop, start type fighter he will not do much for the majority of a round but then will leap all over his opponent, usually late on in a round and in Germany its usually enough to steal a close round or 2.

I think it will be close again i don’t see it any other way these two know each other will enough have taken each others best, i just believe this time Afolabi with more stamina can do enough to get the win in Germany but i wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a split or majority decision, Im going with Ola to win his first world title at 2/1.

ATR’s Bet – £50 on Afolabi any method 19/10 Pinnacle (based on 5k Bankroll adjust stakes according to bankroll) *Note cover the draw if your betting at a bookmaker that has the draw option