Lucas Matthysse Vs Lamont Peterson – 18th May 2013

Location – Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Matthysse is arguably the biggest hitting pound for pound fighter in the sport, he has an incredible 31 KO’s from 33 victories with only 2 losses and both debatable ones against Zab Judah and Devon Alexander, you could most definitely make an argument for Matthysse being undefeated, he has dropped every single opponent he has been in with along the way, he is an incredible puncher and finisher.

Peterson is a real rugged and resilient fighter that can come back when he is seemingly at death’s door, he had an incredibly tough childhood as a homeless child living on the streets of Washington DC and i guess the courage and resilience in that part of his life has carried through to the square circle. He has good technical boxing skills, immense fitness and work rate and can grind on opponent down. 

Although both are belt holders this fight is actually being fought at a catchweight of 141 so only Matthysse own interim belt is at stake for Matthysse, however the prizes at stake are still huge, whoever wins this fight will be propelled right up there. Its a fight that i can see ways both fighters win, Peterson is a very slow starter and thats going to be very dangerous against Matthysse, Peterson can get dropped early it happened against Khan, Bradley and Ortiz (twice) so i would be surprised if we don’t see Peterson get dropped at some point in the fight. 

Matthysse once he finds his range is a brutal combination puncher, he uses great footwork and angles and lets his hands go with devastating consequences, he is use to coming forward and bullying his opponents with good educated pressure, he is not wreckless he will come in with his guard high and intelligently think his way inside and he can pretty well win needed too. 

Peterson has a three inch reach advantage in the fight and this could be an important factor as Matthysse looks to get in range, however Matthysse shows great head movement when coming forward so he has the tools there to find his way to Peterson, Peterson is also a great inside fighter and can mix it up well in and out of pocket and although he doesnt want to be drawn into a brawl in this fight as i believe that kind of fight favours Matthysse, Matthysse may just find he gets as good as he gives and some at times in this fight, and Peterson has enough power to get a man’s respect.

The way i see this fight playing out is – Peterson is in for a rough ride early being such a slow starter and he will need to weather a storm and show some of the tremendous resilience and heart he has done so many times, however i can see him growing into this fight if he can get through that storm, its a real tough fight to call because i see ways both fighters win this, i think we may see a close and perhaps controversial decision in this one with Matthysse picking up a majority of the early rounds but Peterson closing the fight stronger. 

I see this as a real close battle between two warriors i think Peterson’s power perhaps is being a little underrated at 12/1 in this one that could be worth a very small sized nibble, as i can see Matthysse getting caught with some big counters in this fight with his aggressive come forward style. 

I also like Matthysse at 3/1 for the decision considering Peterson is such a resilient fighter with a big heart and Peterson will likely need to pull back a 10-8 round at some point, its a real tough call but im going to make a play and to go with Peterson to weather a storm and put Matthysse to the grind with his immense work rate, fitness and superior technical ability to get the win.

Only follow the tip if you like it, dont like dont follow, simple.

£5000 – £50 on Peterson 9/4 Stan James, £5 on 12/1 Peterson by KO/TKO and £5 on the draw at 25/1 Stan James. 

£2500 – £25 on Peterson 9/4 Stan James, £2.50 on 12/1 Peterson by KO/TKO and £2.50 on the draw at 25/1 Stan James. 

£1000 – £10 on Peterson 9/4 Stan James, £2.50 on 12/1 Peterson by KO/TKO and £2.50 on the draw at 25/1 Stan James. 

£500 – £5 on Peterson 9/4 Stan James, £0.50 on 12/1 Peterson by KO/TKO and £0.50 on the draw at 25/1 Stan James.