Keith Thurman Vs Robert Guerrero – Preview and Prediction


Keith Thurman Vs Robert Guerrero

Preview and Prediction



With not many big names in the welterweight division queuing up to fight him, Thurman has yet to be truly tested at Elite level, however his performances so far suggest he might just make that grade.

Thurman has speed, power and smarts and while he is a very confident individual, he also seems to know who he is and in a way is grounded somewhat by his intelligence and knowledge of the sport, there appears to be no flies on Thurman. In the ring or outside of it.

If Keith Thurman can dictate the pace and range of this fight he wins it comfortably and probably by stoppage.



Robert Guerrero started his career as a featherweight and has won world titles at both featherweight and super featherweight before moving up to lightweight and finally welterweight to face Floyd Mayweather, a fight he was dominated in.

As a featherweight and Super featherweight Guerrero was more a boxer but he has changed his style to a more offensive inside fighter since moving up the weights, this seems quite strange considering he is fighting bigger men. However to date he has had plenty of success doing this.

Guerrero has shown a granite chin in his career to date, however Thurman is probably the biggest puncher Guerrero has ever been in with, he will need granite more than ever this weekend.

Guerrero is a seasoned veteran, has fought at the top level of boxing, to simply write him off this weekend would be naive.





Thurman has a chance to make a statement this weekend, and I think he just might, but I can’t write off Robert Guerrero this weekend and at 11/2 I think there could be some value there.

But for me Thurman with all his attributes could land at will tonight and with Guerrero never really faced with a natural big puncher at this weight I think Thurman can make a statement.

I am going make a play on Guerrero to be knocked down, it looks like Paddy Power have changed there ruling on this and it is now defined as a fighter being knocked down or being KO’d, but at 5/4 it looks a very fair price.


£20 on Robert Guerrero to be knocked down 5/4 Paddy Power