Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Vs Brian Vera – Fight preview and betting recommendation

Julio Chavez Jr Vs Brian Vera 

Fight preview and betting recommendation 

This is a rematch of a controversial fight that took place in September last year, Julio Chavez Jr to put it frank got a gift decision against Brian Vera. In the last fight Vera outworked, out-landed and almost out-hustled the bigger but somewhat tamed Chavez Jr, who was looking for the big shot all night. 

Chavez Jr has shown a lack of discipline throughout his career, repeatedly failing to make weight, failed drug tests, drink driving offences  to name a few, however living in his great fathers name has seen Jr pick up his fair share of ‘lucky breaks’ in boxing. 

It is believed Chavez Jr took Vera too lightly and wasn’t in shape, however this has always been the case with Chavez Jr, he just does not appear to have the focus and dedication required at Elite level boxing and his hardest battle always appears to be with the scales.

When you look at Chavez Jr record it appears impressive, 49 fights with just one loss but its when you look closer and dissect it it is not as viable as first seems, for example i can name at least 4 fights on Chavez Jr record that could and perhaps should have been losses, including his last fight against Vera, others are 2 fights against Carlos Molina and the other Sebastian Zbik. 

Then when Chavez Jr did step up to top of Elite level boxing against Sergio Martinez he walked into a clinic, Martinez was able to land at will and completely outclassed Jr, it was only Juniors toughness that kept him in the fight and knocking Martinez down in the last round that saved some face. 

The point i am trying to make here is not that Chavez Jr is not a world level boxer, its not that he is not extremely tough and a heavy puncher, its just that Julio Chavez Jr Vs Brian Vera is a more evenly matched fight than people give it credit for. 

I am expecting another tough fight for Chavez Jr, one that i feel will be close again and i cant see Chavez Jr getting another gift in Texas which is where Vera was born and bred and is also his place of residence. 

I backed Vera at 7/1 last time round, he is now down to 5/1 at Pinnacle and i still think the play is viable at that price, we are also covered for a refund on the draw with Pinnacle for peace of mind, i am going for Vera to etch out a close decision win and make it an official win this time round. 

boxingtipster.com’s bet – £20 on Brian Vera at 5/1 Pinnacle 

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