J’Leon Love Vs Gabriel Rosado – 4th May

Location – MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV, USA

Vacant NABF middleweight title

Rosado is a tough, rough and ready type fighter, he has good speed and power a solid chin and bags of heart. Despite only a 2 year age difference between the 2 fighters Rosado is the more experienced and established fighter whereas Love is still finding his way in the pro game after a decent amateur career.

Love is a touted prospect that is actually backed by Money’s promotional group so it may be that we see a more favourable outcome for Love on the judges scores if it manages to go the distance, he has a real strong crouching type stance and has super fast reflexes and an overall good rounded boxing ability that is complimented by a sound jab.

This appears to be a pivotal fight for both fighters as Rosado looks to get back on track at 160 after being picked apart by Golovkin back in January of this year, whilst Love will see this as a gatekeeper type fight as if he gets past Rosado and looks good doing it there are many routes and fights he can take in the middleweight division.

However i don’t think it will be that easy for Love as i think he will have a real game and steely opponent in front of him who can take him to another side Love hasn’t been before, the trenches. Rosado has had it tough throughout his career he has rarely had an easy opponent standing in front of him whereas i see Love as being somewhat wrapped in blankets early in his pro career and i think this is the first fight we are about to see those blankets coming off.

I am going to go with Rosado in this one i believe he is hitting his peak and although he got battered against GGG i don’t see that tells as much as i don’t see anyone at Middleweight beating GGG right now and if anything Rosado came out of that bout doing better than most expected he would and showed just how tough he is.

Bankrolls – (I advise staking on different bankroll levels so all can join in following the tips and the fun depending on their bankrolls/circumtances, so you can choose a bankroll level below and stick with it)

£5000 – £50 on Rosado at 6/5 Pinnacle

£2500 – £25 on Rosado at 6/5 Pinnacle

£1000 – £10 on Rosado at 6/5 Pinnacle

£500 – £5 on Rosado at 6/5 Pinnacle