Jamie McDonnell Vs Tabtimdaeng na Rachawat – Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation



Jamie Mcdonnell Vs Tabtimdaeng na Rachawat

Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation

Jamie McDonnell looks to become a two time world champion as he fights Thailand’s Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat for the vacant WBA World Bantamweight title.

McDonnell was previously stripped of his IBF title after switching to Matchroom sport, which caused some issues and he failed to fight his mandatory in the allocated timeslot, the surprising benefactor from that has been his old rival Stuart Hall, who now holds the title. 

I will be honest I didn’t know too much about Rachawat before this fight was announced, however there is plenty of footage out there and I have managed to take a good look at this guy. His record looks extremely padded with soft opposition and you could easily be misled by his 52 wins (34 Knockouts) with only 2 defeats (both by stoppage) 

To me Rachawat looks a little novice like in many areas, he holds a high guard and looks to pick spots where he can unload on his opponent and when he does he does so aggressively, swinging quite wild at times. 

Its hard to engage his level of power against such padded opposition, but to me he looks reasonably heavy handed and could most certainly hurt McDonnell if he can land some of his big combinations. 

However if Mcdonnell sticks to his boxing and keeps up a high work rate he should be able to easily outpoint his opponent this weekend, Rachawat has quiet spots that McDonnell can really take advantage off. 

While Rachawat holds a high guard when he comes forward and throws there will be openings for McDonnell, and it looks to me like the uppercut could be a sweet shot for McDonnell.

McDonnell could get a stoppage here, but I dont think he will I think he may have a couple of hairy moments that will make him respect his opponents power and stick to his boxing.

If he does that I think he should cruise to a Unanimous decision here, Ladbrokes have a McDonnell unanimous decision at 2/1, remember that means if McDonnell wins by Majority or Split decision the bet is a loser, but with a McDonnell decision at best price 5/4 i think the extra meat is worth the risk.

However with Rachawat as high as 10/1 for a KO/TKO i think it could be worth straddling the two outcomes. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bets: £20 on McDonnell by Unanimous Decision 2/1 Ladbrokes, £5 on Rachawat by KO/TKO 10/1 Bet365.