Jamie McDonnell Vs Julio Ceja – 11th May 2013

I have had a good look at this one and i would say the Bookmakers have their prices just about right on this one given the fact McDonnell has home advantage with a packed out home crowd. 

McDonnell has improved somewhat since his earlier days, he is a fairly rounded and fluent boxer but i dont see him at the highest level, he may well give one of those once in lifetime performances tonight and grind out a gritty win, however i get the impression thats what he needs. 

If the fight was anywhere else i would probably be looking to pull the trigger on Ceja at the price of 8/13 as i do believe he could be something really special, its the location and a Mcdonnell heart that holds me back from firing. 

My fear is Mcdonnell is in over his head in this one and with Ceja looking like one of the biggest punchers ive seen at Bantamweight it could end a little messy. 

This is not a fight im inclined to go in deep on, however there is a little bet i like at a nice price and thats Ceja rounds 1-3 at 13/2 Bet365 i think at that price its worth a small play if you want to keep an interest on the fight. 

Im making a small £10 play on it, this is not really an official, official play however im confident enough to add any losses/wins on this to the ATR profit/loss record.