Gennedy Golovkin Vs Osumanu Adama – Fight preview and betting recommendation

Gennedy Golovkin Vs Osumanu Adama

Fight preview and boxing betting recommendation

Golovkin is boxing’s hot property at the moment, in nearly 400 fights as an amateur and professional Gennedy Golovkin has never been knocked down or knocked out, he currently holds a 89% KO ratio, the greatest ever ratio by a middleweight champion.

Golovkin was introduced to boxing by his brothers at a young age of 8 years old, walking the streets of Kazakhstan he would be often forced into fights with much older boys and even men on a daily basis and from a very early age it was evident Golovkin was a big puncher.

An Olympic silver medallist and stand out amateur, Golovkin has a wealth of experience in the fight game and is probably the most avoided fighter across all divisions at present.

Golovkin has superb boxing technique and footwork and is a deadly offensive fighter who hunts down his prey with precision and deadly force.

In Adama, Golovkin has a guy who is open to shots and does not have the defensive marque to go in with a guy like Golovkin, Adama likes to use his reflexes as defence rather than a solid guard and i remember when GGG went in with a guy similar in Gregorz Proksa, Proksa was dropped in the first round and smashed about until finally succumbing in the 5th, i see something similar in this fight expect perhaps an earlier finish.

Sky Bet have the early rounds priced up generously (14/1 round 1, 12/1 round 2, 10/1 round 3 , perhaps that is because Adama has shown a good heart and toughness in previous fights coupled with the fact he has been proven at world level against guys like Daniel Geale, however he has never been hit by a guy like Golovkin.

I am going to have a straddle on the early rounds at those prices in the hope Golovkin breaks through Adama’s leaky defence early.

Boxing Tipster bets – £5 on Golovkin round 1 14/1 sky bet, £5 on Golovkin round 2 12/1 sky bet, Golovkin round 3 10/1 sky bet