Gennedy Golovkin Vs Daniel Geale – Preview, prediction and betting recommendation


Gennedy Golovkin Vs Daniel Geale 

Preview, prediction and betting recommendation

Gennedy Golovkin is quickly becoming one of the most feared fighters on the planet, the Olympic silver medallist and former stand out amateur currently spots an 89.66% knockout percentage, the highest in middleweight history. 

Some are still reserving judgement until Golovkin faces tougher opposition however so far Golovkin has displayed exceptional power in both hands, excellent boxing ability and acumen, and above all is also is absolutely ruthless when necessary. This guy could be a superstar in the making. 

He faces arguably his toughest test to date in former champion Daniel Geale, Geale is no mug, he is experienced, he is tough and knows his way around a boxing ring, Geale has a record of 30 wins and 2 losses, some may remember him losing a split decision to Darren Barker in 2013 for the IBF title. 

He has perhaps more pop than his record suggests, his punches are crisp and accurate and he throws very effective combinations. 

While Geale may be the best Golovkin has faced to date I still dont see how he wins this fight, I expect him to fight off the back foot for the majority of the fight trying to pick Golovkin off whenever he can, and he may have some success early evading Golovkin.

But Golovkin will begin to land and I can see Geale in survival mode once he feels Golovkin’s power.

This is a hard fight to bet because you know with Golovkin if he lands then a fight can end at anytime, round 1 or round 12, and there doesnt appear to by too much value floating about in method market, Golovkin is just 4/11 to stop Daniel Geale.

And while I think it happens I would not back that price because I can also see Geale taking Golovkin rounds,  this is a former world champion who is tough and can fight evasively off the back foot if required.

I think Golovkin stops Geale around the mid to late rounds, I would be inclined to leave betting the fight but then I saw Ladbrokes have Golovkin to win in rounds 9-12 at 9/2 and I actually think its a decent price for a small stake as an interest bet.

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £10 on Golovkin rounds 9-12 9/2 Ladbrokes