Gennady Golovkin Vs Marco Antonio Rubio – Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip.


Gennady Golovkin Vs Marco Antonio Rubio

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip.

Rising star and currently one of the most feared fighters in the sport Gennady Golovkin looks to continue his journey of destruction against Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio.

To date 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Golovkin has barely broken a sweat against respectable opposition and he will be facing a tough and top middleweight in Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio.

While Rubio has never beaten anyone elite level he does have an array of wins against respectable opposition and has been campaigning near the top of the middleweight division for a number of years, he is experienced, tough and with 51 KO’s from 59 wins his power is no joke either. 

Golovkin is heading towards superstar status I believe there is no question about that, his punching power is devastating, his accuracy is deadly and he will hunt his opponents down like the terminator. Golovkin is very real and what is even more worrying for the middleweight division, I believe he is improving. 

But while Golovkin’s offence is almost unrivalled, Defensively he is hittable and Rubio will be hoping to land his powerful right, a guy with 51 KO’s from 59 wins, always goes in with a punchers chance. 

But really that is all he has, stylistically Rubio is tailor made for triple G, Rubio is at his weakest when he is fighting backwards so cant afford to be head hunted by Golovkin so he will more often than not likely be found on the inside in trade off’s. and for me in that scenario there will only be one winner. And that is Gennady Golovkin. 

This is a tough fight to bet, it really is a case of predicting how long Rubio can tough it out with Golovkin. It has been over a decade since Rubio has been stopped early he has 2 early stoppage defeats to his name one a 1st round stoppage and two a 2nd round stoppage defeat.

As I write this I have just watched the weigh in and Rubio has missed weight by nearly 2 pounds, He looked chunky on the scales and he will weaken his body trying to shift those two pounds, for me that makes the decision easier, I now think an early Golovkin stoppage is on the cards. 

Golovkin is 8/11 to win in rounds 1-6 and that is the obvious bet for me but I really dont like going in to deep on round group betting especially at odds on, as you dont have a lot of room to play with, I would still keep stakes low on this fight and perhaps go for an interest bet only. 

On that note I am going to take the 3/1 on offer at Ladbrokes for Golovkin to win in rounds 1-3. 

Boxing Tipster’s Bet: £10 on Golovkin rounds 1-3 3/1 Ladrokes