Gennady Golovkin Vs Kell Brook – Preview and Prediction

Kell Brook looks to cause one of boxing’s great upsets by moving up two weight divisions to decrown middleweight king Gennady Golovkin at the 02 Arena this Saturday night. The event will be aired on Sky Sports pay per view in the UK and on HBO in the states.

This is a very intriguing match up between two undefeated fighters at the very top of their divisions, and one that has captured the imagination of boxing fans, Kell Brook deserves an enormous amount of credit for taking up a challenge that many expect to end badly for him.

Gennady Golovkin was supposed to be fighting Canelo Alvarez in the fall but it appeared Alvarez’s promoters Golden Boy have delayed the bout until next year or ducked him completely, then it was rumoured Chris Eubank Jr was to fight Golovkin but apparently according to Golovkin’s team, Team Eubank lost their pen when it came to signing contracts.

Anyway up step Kell Brook who now has an opportunity to shock the boxing world and propel himself to super star status, a role he appears to be reveling in. It is a no lose situation for Brook, if he wins he becomes a super star and a current pound for pound argument, if he loses, well it was to be expected anyway and he walks away with the biggest pay day of his career to date by far.

Gennady Golovkin is unquestionably the most feared fighter on the planet and possibly the biggest puncher pound for pound, he has inhumane power and almost unfairly looks to possess a granite chin to boot.

Golovkin is technically elite he has a great jab, is superb at cutting off the ring and possesses the art of shifting, he can mix up his punches extremely well and possesses a devastating body shot which is just as likely to end the fight this Saturday night as punishment to the head.

While his resume is still questionable to a certain degree, literally no body wants to get in the ring with ‘Triple G’ and there must be a reason for that, this fighter is a deadly assassin with nuclear bombs for ammunition.

Kell Brook himself is an elite fighter who also possesses one of the best jabs in the business and is technically sound, he was a big puncher in the welterweight division but it remains to be seen whether that kind of power will carry up to middleweight against a fighter who has never been down as an amateur or professional.

However Kell Brook was a big strong welterweight, he probably needed to move up to the light middleweight limit pretty sharpish anyway so he may hold 160 well.

Kell Brook’s timing and accuracy is impeccable, he will also have advantage in speed this weekend,  my concern with Brook is he can have lapses defensively and too many of those will be very detrimental to his chances of winning, he will need to stay switched on for every second of every round against this beast.

Many are giving Kell Brook a chance in this fight and that’s no chance, however I actually believe this fight could be more competitive than many expect, I don’t believe Kell Brook will get blown away like many do and I expect him to give Golovkin his toughest fight to date.

However in saying that I do believe it will be the man from Kazakhstan who will be victorious, I just say don’t completely write Kell Brook off, if he holds 160 well like I expect him too, it may not be all one way traffic and Brook will have success in this fight, Golovkin can be hit.

I expect a competitive early few rounds with even scoring but I feel as the fight progresses we will see Golovkin’s power beginning to take its toll on the welterweight champion and Brook could then go into survival mode, if this happens it becomes Golovkin’s fight to lose.

The way I would look to bet this fight would be to look at the over rounds as I don’t think this fight finishes as early as people believe and there are some good odds to be had, the fight to go over 7.5 rounds can be had at 6/5.

Also a straddle on Golovkin by decision at 13/2 with Brook just to win outright at 5/1 could prove profitable, however I will be keeping it simple and making a play on the over round market.

Also their are some very good offers out there listed below for those looking to take advantage.


BETTING TIP: 2 pts on over 7.5 rounds 6/5 Betfred