Gennady Golovkin vs Gabriel Rosado – 19th January

Location – Madison Square Garden, New York USA 

WBA World Middleweight Title 

This is my last bet of the night stateside, Golovkin is a man on a mission and is currently popping through the middleweight division and has stopped a massive 21 out of 24 opponents. This guy can hit hard with either his right or left. 

He is up against Rosado who has a decent jab and quick hands, however im not sure that helps him in this fight as GGG is simply a beast ready to make his mark, Rosados best chance of doing well in this fight is to try and keep the fight at distance utilizing the jab and quick hands, however at some point Golovkin is going to catch up with him and I feel inflict the inevitable, 

Rosado is also a fighter who is quite willing to trade even when he shouldn’t be and I think GGG will find him there or there abouts willing to trade more often then not and when that happens I feel there is only one winner, I think Golovkin has got this early. 

ATR’s BET – £75 on either fighter rounds 1-6 4/6 Sky Bet

*The only reason I am taking either fighter in round  1-6 as it’s the same price as Golovkin 1-6.