Frankie Gavin Vs Jason Welborn – 18th January

Location – Town Hall, Walsall, West Midlands, United Kingdom

BBBofC British Welterweight title

Firstly I am not making any official play on this one myself but thought I would share my thoughts on the bout for those of you who really want to make a play, however my advice would be to avoid betting on this fight as there is (in my opinion) very little opportunities in the market.

From what I have seen of Welborn he is fairly conservative and looks to pick his shots, he will target the body area frequently and overall looks a half decent “domestic” fighter. However he doesn’t look very comfortable when he is on the back foot or against the ropes, under pressure.

The problem with that is he is up against Gavin who will look to walk him down, and can come forward fairly awkwardly which makes it difficult for opponents to tag him on the counter. His combinations are crisp and usually accurate, however it did seem to take him a few rounds to get his timing right in his last bout against Junior Witter. I have my reservations about Frankie Gavin so far he just hasn’t impressed in his Pro career however his amateur pedigree speaks for itself and one thing I do know is he is in a different league altogether to Welborn.

I would fully expect Gavin to find the stoppage in this fight he is up against a fighter who he has a far superior set of tools and skill set too, but there has been 2-3 bouts in Gavins pro career to date that I have expected him to find the a stoppage and he hasn’t, and instead put on a quite lackluster display most notably against Curtis Woodhouse a fight in which he came close to losing. Theres no question Gavin has the talent though and he needs to pick things up tonight and really impress.

Gavin has made a statement to “destroy” Welborn tonight and I feel it could be an early night however Gavin is 4/9 on to find the KO/TKO and I just don’t feel comfortable with that price, it means I have to part with a rather large stake to get a decent return, I just don’t trust Gavin with that price, and im sure there will be better opportunities across the pond this weekend.

However if your insistant on having a bet on the fight my advice is to either take the 4/9 on a Gavin stoppage or have a look at the round betting market 1-6 for Gavin the price is around about the 13/8 mark.

Best Wishes