Floyd Mayweather Vs Robert Guerrero – 4th May (Boxnation)

MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

WBC Welterweight title 
Floyd Mayweather has been the top pound for pound fighter of a generation, he is the boxer everyone knows, a household name. It is little wonder that people are not even considering the possibility of him losing to a guy that has only recently began fighting at Welterweight, a guy who despite reigning at featherweight for a number of years, is still a mystery to some casual boxing fans and even to the more boxing fanatics was never expected to cut the mustard after jumping up in weight of over 20 pounds in 5 years, however that guy – Robert Guerrero, to date has proved everyone wrong, and that guys mission i believe – has been to nail a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather is the master of the ring, his defensive mastery and skills is unrivalled. Mayweather can meet you in the middle of the ring and school you, Mayweather can school you with his back on the ropes, Mayweather can fight your kind of fight and still school you, the fact of the matter is Mayweather is one of the best boxers there ever was and the fact of the matter is there is no blue print on how to beat Mayweather, however thats not to say he cant be matched or beaten at this point in his career.

Mayweather is now 36 and although he always stays in tip top, against Cotto there were some subtle signs that perhaps, Just perhaps his movement isn’t quite as fluent, perhaps just perhaps he is more hittable than he has ever been, or perhaps Mayweather didn’t even get out of 2nd gear in that fight? Perhaps he was happy to fight off the ropes for large periods of the fight, either way i believe Mayweather will need to get out of 2nd gear and go full throttle for a guy like Guerrero.

Guerrero is an excellent southpaw with good speed, he has a real good engine and adopts a real high work rate which in turn can dictate the pace of a fight to his advantage. Its not unusual for Guerrero to throw nearly a 1000 punches in a fight, he really does throw together great combinations. Guerrero also has a real solid chin and can take big shots and still come forward, he really is a determined fellow. I also believe there is also a real mental toughness about Guerrero, i do not believe that he will be fazed by the big occasion and will be 100% focused on the task in hand, and will leave everything in the ring.

Guerrero although not a big puncher he certainly has enough to keep a guy honest, he came close to stopping Andre Berto in the first 2 rounds in their Interim bout back in November last year and i rate Berto as i real solid and talented fighter.

When Mayweather walks to that ring Saturday night he would have been out of the ring for a year, during that time he has served 2 months in prison for domestic violence, and i believe he is about to step into the ring with a guy who is hitting his peak, who appears to be improving with nearly every fight he takes, a guy with has the mental toughness to take the fight to Mayweather and stay there.

I believe at this point in his career Floyd Mayweather is going in with a guy he has a genuine chance of losing too.

At 13/2 i am going with Guerrero to cause a mighty upset, i will be reliant on him getting a fair shake of the score cards but i think win or lose he will give a real gritty performance and will give us a very good run for a 13/2 shot, i can see cards of 115-113 either way, somewhere in that region. Regardless if the judges give correct scores i believe the fight will be a lot closer than many predict and Guerrero will come out with his stock enhanced.

Bankrolls (I advise staking on different bankroll levels so all can join in following the tips and the fun depending on their bankrolls/circumtances, so you can choose a bankroll level below and stick with it)

£5000 – £50 on Guerrero 13/2 Boylesports, £5 on the draw 35/1 Bwin

£2500 – £25 on Guerrero 13/2 Boylesports, £2.50 on the draw 35/1 Bwin

£1000 – £10 on Guerrero 13/2 Boylesports, £1 on the draw 35/1 Bwin

£500 – £5 on Guerrero 13/2 Boylesports, £0.50 on the draw 35/1 Bwin