Floyd Mayweather Vs Marcos Maidana – Fight preview, prediction and betting recommendation



Fight preview, prediction and betting recommendation

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Pound 4 pound king Floyd Mayweather takes on big punching Argentinian Marcos Maidana in MGM Grand, Las Vegas this weekend, Mayweather needs no introduction he has been the king of boxing for nearly a decade now.

Mayweather’s defensive wizardry and flawless technique has seen him go 45-0-0 with barely a scratch on him, however some would argue Jose Luis Castillo beat Floyd for the WBC lightweight title in in 2002.

However for all of Mayweather’s brilliance and prominence in boxing that has seen him become the highest paid athlete in the world and generate millions, his fights are generally not that exciting. The purists pay to see the skills and appreciate Mayweather’s defensive skills and the critics and haters pay to see Mayweather lose his zero, either way Mayweather gets paid, and the zero stays.

We have seen Mayweather fight slugger types like Maidana with ease before, but i actually believe this fight may be one of Mayweather’s more exciting clashes and we may actually see Mayweather get a stoppage here, which has been a rare commodity since Mayweather has been fighting elite level fighters at welterweight/light middleweight, he has actually only found two stoppage wins in his last 10 bouts, one against Ricky Hatton and a bizarre one against Victor Ortiz.

Floyd Mayweather knocks out Victor Ortiz 

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I can see why most have this as a standard Mayweather shut out decision on the cards, but i actually believe this fight is a complete mis-match and Mayweather will disassemble Marcos Maidana in devastating fashion this Saturday night.

Maidana got this fight by beating Adrien Broner,  a guy who went around claiming to be the next Floyd Mayweather, this is a guy who tried to jump two weight divisions, and a guy who despite all his talent is not committed like Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner was inevitable flawed at welterweight and Marcos Maidana beat up a smaller guy that night.

Floyd Mayweather saw an opportunity to put to bed any association made between himself and Adrien Broner as fighters, and that is why i believe Marcos Maidana got this fight, but in my opinion despite some good performances he will be out of his depth this Saturday night.

I am not trying to take away anything from Marcos Maidana he is a hard man and a good fighter with heart, he deserves to be called a champion i just dont see Maidana up there with the top elite.

Mayweather recently fought one of the top future pound for pounders in Saul Alvarez and put on an absolute clinic and Alvarez is vastly more talented than Maidana in terms of skills and technique. Maidana was beaten by Amir Khan, schooled by Devon Alexander and ran close by a past it and chubby Erik Morales and while his toughness has never seen him stopped he has been visibly hurt by much lesser fighters than Floyd Mayweather.

While Mayweather is not a devastating puncher and can point score at times, if you have a guy that is landing at will throughout a fight and that is so comfortable with what his opponent is bringing he has time to get maximum leverage on his shots and actually lead his opponent onto counters, i dont care how tough you are at some point, either the referee has to take a look and step in, the corner have to take a look at their fighter or the fighter breaks down himself.

That is why i am advocating value in a Mayweather stoppage this weekend at 5/2 at the pinnacle sports book, Maidana may be tough enough to see the end its certainly not out of the question that this could be another shut out victory on the cards for Mayweather but i actually think the gulf in class and the style match up is so significantly in Mayweather’s favour that something gives before the end.

Prediction: Mayweather feels Marcos Maidana out for the first couple of rounds, then from the 3rd round begins picking his opponent apart and landing at will, leading Maidana on to counter after counter and producing leverage in shots that see Maidana wince, by the 7th-9th round Maidana’s face is bloodied – Maidana is dropped a couple of times late on and upon rising the second time the referee has seen enough and waves the fight off.

Boxing Tipster’s bet: £20 on Floyd Mayweather by KO/TKO 5/2 Pinnacle sports book.