Felix Sturm Vs Sam Soliman – Preview, Prediction and Betting recommendation


Felix Sturm Vs Sam Soliman 

Felix Sturm lost to Sam Soliman in February 2013 via unanimous decision, however the fight was declared a no contest after Soliman tested positive for illegal stimulant methylsynephrine. 

Now the two will meet again for the IBF middleweight title that Sturm won at the back end of 2013 with an early dismantling of Darren Barker. 

In the first bout I had one of my better nights with Soliman as I bet him at 13/2, however this time round he is down to 7/2 which certainly is not as appealing. However I still think he has a very good chance of winning this rematch providing he gets a fair audition in Germany, as he did last time. 

You see, Sturm is just not active enough for a style like Soliman who keeps very busy and adopts a real work rate, Soliman is a guy who throws nearly 100 punches per round. 

Infact in the last fight Soliman outlanded Sturm by 225 – 98 punches, Soliman threw 954 punches compared to Sturms 348,  Sturms accuracy was a little better at 28% compared to Solimans 24%, but 4% is negligible when you have a guy who has thrown over 600 more punches in a fight. 

While punch statistics are not everything and can be misleading, they are indisputable on this occasion. 

I think Soliman repeats his win this weekend, and I will still be playing 7/2, however I am seeing Soliman at 6’s to win a decision over at Bet365 and I think it is very unlikely he stops Sturm and will need a fair judging panel to get the win. 

Therefore the play I recommend is to play £10 on the outright market on Soliman at 7/2 and £10 on Soliman by decision at 6/1, this will see you just short of £100.00 profit if Soliman can repeat his performance 15 months ago. 

Boxing Tipsters Bet: £10 on Soliman 7/2 Bet365, £10 on Soliman by decision 6/1 Bet365