Felix Sturm Vs Sam Soliman – 1st February (Boxnation)

Betting against Sturm in Germany is always going to be tough to pull off but Daniel Geale showed that it can be done and i think Sturm is going in with an opponent in Soliman who has a style that that can cause Sturm many problems and make this bout extremely competitive. 

Sam Soliman at 39 began fairly late and at the beginning of his career he was a very hit and miss fighter losing 7 of his first 20 professional fights, but then something switched and since 2001 he has only lost to the likes of a primed Anthony Mundine, Ronald Wright and Sakio Bika, no real shame in that.

About 3 years ago he dropped from super middle to middleweight and the switch looked to suit as he has been unbeaten ever since and always comes in looking well chiselled and tip top, hes 39 going on 25 this guy.

He has an awkward style and looks to use angles to cause opponents problems and ive seen Sturm struggle with similar styles before.

There is no question Sturm is a world level fighter and has one of the best Jabs in the business and will look to dictate a fight with it but recently minus the Geale fight hes been on the back end of some “homey decisions” and he could well be going into this fight with 3 losses in his last 4 bouts in another life, maybe just maybe we have seen the best of Sturm.

One thing ive noticed with Sturm in recent bouts is despite his tight defense, his movement is less fluent and more often than can be found there or there abouts by his opponent and Soliman has a busy busy style and could win some rounds by simply being the busier fighter in there.

Down to the financials i managed to find a cracking arb on this fight in the under/over 9.5 rounds last night which i posted and i know some of you got on, its not often you find an ARB yielding 9% and i have managed to trap in £216 profit on this fight already.

Well i am going to go for the juggular on this one and backing Soliman at 13/2 for a £40 stake, if he wins ill be looking at £476 profit from this one fight, if he loses ill happily take the £176 anyway, always a nice situation to be in.

ATR’s Bet – £40 on Soliman 13/2 BWIN