Erislandy Lara vs. Alfredo Angulo – 8th June 2013

Preview, Prediction and Betting tip 

Interestingly when i first saw the odds for this fight Lara was 2/5 which i though was a fairly decent price but then i understand from some he popped off at 8/13 which is an incredibly handsome price and one i would most certainly have advocated a rather large stake on.

Lara is arguably one of the best Cuban amateurs of recent times he has what seems like incredible natural boxing ability, his movement around the ring is superb, he is a classy counter puncher and carries a fair amount of pop.

Angulo whilst still a dangerous opponent in the sense he was and perhaps still is a big puncher, i feel the cog fell of the wheel along time ago and im not sure how he lands the shots in this fight.

Lara has the superior tools in most departments and with his speed, reflexes and just general superior skillset i don’t see a way in which Angulo pins Lara down, for me he needs a massive shot from somewhere.

I am not making a big play on this one as i don’t see there are the odds available to justify it but a late stoppage in rounds 7-12 for Lara at 4/1 paddy power looks half decent.

ATR’s Bet – £20 on Lara 7-12 4/1 paddy power (based on 5k bankroll adjust stakes according to bankroll)