Don George Vs David Alonso Lopez – 22/03/13

Im writing this tip for those of you who dont do the arbitrage betting (although i highly suggest you should).

This is a classic puncher vs boxer type duel, George is real heavy handed puncher and he also tough and gritty, and can take a fair few digs in the trenches, this was proven when he nearly went the distance against Adonis Stevenson only being stopped in the final round, so my point is this guy will hang around whether he is being battered or not and with his power will always be dangerous.

Lopez is a fighter who peaked really late in terms of finding himself in the ring, he began as a young 17 year old and lost just as many as he won then when he hit mid 20’s he gained a quite incredible increase in belied coupled with advancing skill set, ive always said some fighters do peak late in the sense that they finally “get it” and start utilising their armoury to its fullest, Lopez is one of these guys.

If he can avoid getting knocked out in this fight i believe he outboxes George in this fight and despite George having home advantage i believe Lopez can make it clear and decisive enough here.

If you got on the ARB posted on this fight earlier i would be tempted to leave it and take the guaranteed profit however if your in the gambling mood make a play with about half the profit made on the arb as follows –


£5000 – £20 on Lopez 9/4 sporting bet .

£2500 – £10 on Lopez 9/4 sporting bet.

£1000 – £4 on Lopez 9/4 sporting bet .

£500 – £2 on Lopez 9/4 sporting bet,.