Devon Alexander Vs Lee Purdy – 18th May 2013

Location – Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

A very difficult struggle to find any real value in the fight, but nevertheless i thought i would do a little write and perhaps throw in a interest bet i like for good measure. 

Purdy is taking a massive step up in class here and i would say Purdy’s style will most likely suit Alexander down to the ground, Purdy isn’t the quickest mover and he can look a little one dimensional and flat footed he is a big hitter but Alexander has been in with bigger hitters before, Lucas Matthysse is one. 

Alexander is a real slick southpaw, hes quick and very smooth, i figure he most likely beats Purdy to the punch all night in this fight he has enough power to back Purdy up and one thing ive noticed about Purdy is he does not comfortable going backwards. 

I believe the gulf in class is too much for Purdy at this moment in his career, he is still fairly young however so theres time to perhaps work on his movement and technical skill set, I believe Alexander does belong in the elite and i had Alexander beating Kell Brook if they ever met. 

Purdy has failed to make weight so theres no belt on the line, in his last outing he looked rather big for a welterweight and i thought it was only a matter of time before they look to move him up, i wouldn’t be surprised if this is Purdy’s last fight at welterweight. 

Purdy could surprise tonight and put in a performance, he has the power i just don’t see how he lands the shots, however if your a brit cheering on lights out then your probably getting as good a value on Purdy at 13/1 then any other bet to be honest, so go ahead and have a bit of fun, just keep it sensible.

A bet i like also is 11/4 Alexander rounds 5-8, however i probably wont bet the fight as we have locked in some nice profit on arbitrage betting on this fight, thats good enough for me.