Denis Lebedev Vs Guillermo Jones – Fight preview and betting recommendation


lebedev vs jones

Denis Lebedev Vs Guillermo Jones – Fight preview

This is a rematch of a brutal encounter from May 2013 which saw Guillermo Jones inflict an 11th round stoppage defeat on Denis Lebedev while also inflicting one of the worse eye injuries you will ever see in a boxing ring, anyone who saw this fight will agree this bout should have been stopped early but in Russia, the Russian was allowed to continue despite the clear risk of permanent injury, however in doing so one of the most intriguing fights unfolded.

Both fighters were able to land telling shots throughout the contest in some high octane exchanges but it appeared to be Jones who had the most success landing the right hand lead from the outside and the uppercut on the inside, and it also appeared to be Jones that landed the shots that had the lasting impact on his opponent, shutting his right eye shut in the early rounds which then worsened with each passing round to the point it looked like half of Lebedevs face was hanging off by the time of stoppage. It really was brutal to watch.

Denis Lebedev Vs Guillermo Jones – Highlights

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Jones however appeared to be able to take Lebedev’s shots well and kept coming forward, Lebedev fought valiantly and had some good moments throwing combinations in bunches and adopting a high work rate, but with one eye for most of the contest and against a guy who was going nowhere he was always up against it from the early rounds, and while i dont agree with the scorecards at the time of stoppage, Lebedev was ahead 96-94 x2 and 97-93.

Looking into the betting opportunities for the rematch i feel we are really limited and the bookmakers have the fight priced up well, offering very little value in any of the markets, Lebedev goes in as 1/2 favourite while Jones can be had at 2/1, neither outright bet appeals to me, i remember Jones being as high as 5’s for the first bout.

The truth is this is a very hard fight to bet on, i would probably favour a Lebedev decision straddled with a Jones KO/TKO but the margins are not really high enough to make the risk vs reward ratio worthy and also what question must be asked is what Denis Lebedev will enter the ring this Friday night, that first bout surely has to take something out of a fighter.

Jones broke his heart and sometimes in boxing those are hard to mend, in round 11 Lebedev dropped to his knees, this is a man that had given it everything and had nothing left. A rematch may bring back ghosts of the past for Lebedev and i would question how that will effect him mentally during this fight, especially if Jones is able to walk though his best again.

It is of course worth noting that Jones failed a pre fight drug test for a banned substance and as such was stripped of the title 5 months later in October 2013, however in December he was reinstated as champion in recess and the rematch was ordered.

But in terms of betting the fight and my recommendation, i would say leave it and just sit back and enjoy what is sure to be another thrilling contest.