Demetrius Hopkins v Charles Whittaker – 16th February

USBA light middleweight title

Demetrius is the nephew of the legendary Bernard Hopkins and who is going up against 39 year old veteran Charles Whittaker. 

Whittaker had been on an unbeaten winning streak since 2004 spanning 14 fights until he came up against competent Rosado last year, however in his bout a couple of months ago he got back to winning ways against a very average Dondon Sultan.

The thing to note with Whittaker that during this “winning” streak he barely fought anyone substantial and the first fighter he come up against who was capable, he got stopped.

I dont see Demetrius as a real classy operator but i do see him at a similar skill/ability level to someone like Rosado, hes the younger guy in there and Whittaker is getting on now, and i think Demetrius who is 7 years younger should be able to handle Whittaker.

He has moved up from 140 – 154 since 2008 and looks to be settling in ok at this weight and looked physically strong in his last 2 bouts.

I think Demetrius could get the stoppage here but its a risky play as he is not known for being a devastating puncher, however he does come over the top with the right competently and Whittaker can be a sucker for leaving his hands low.

However im going to play this one safer and just go for Demetrius on the straight play, however those more daring could look at a hopkins stoppage as its as high as 3/1.

ATR’s Bet – £150 on Hopkins 8/15 Pinnacle

*you can get 4/7 at some bookies but ive chosen Pinnacle as you get a refund if its a draw so for the sake of giving up £5 profit if its a winner i think the extra insurance on the bet, its worth it.