David Price Vs Tony Thompson – 6th July 2013


Location – Echo Arena, Liverpool, UK  

Preview, Prediction and Betting Tip

Following his shock loss to Thompson back in February David Price looks to get his career back on track with redemption against the man who stopped him inside two rounds.

The bronze gold medallist hit the canvass in what looked like a standard short right hook from Thompson, Price staggered to his feet but his senses were completely scrambled and he left the referee no choice but to stop the fight, after the fight it was discovered Price had suffered a perforated ear drum.

Thompson came into boxing very late and with very little amateur background, he didn’t start fighting professionally until the age of 27, however the southpaw quickly gained a reputation for being a big hitter.

Thompson lost on points to Eric Kirkland in his first year as a professional however following that loss he then went on a 27 fight winning streak spanning 8 years until losing a world title fight with Wladimir Klitschko, however he gave Wladimir a competitive fight until being stopped in the 11th round actually outlanding the champion 150 to 121, he then challenged Wladimir again in 2012 however the fight was more one sided this time and Thompson was stopped in the 6th round.

David Price won a bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics before turning professional a year later, he had made an almost perfect start to his career before coming up against Thompson, winning his first 15 fights, with 13 of them coming inside the distance, usually in devastating knockout fashion.

It is no wonder why the UK public were getting excited about David Price as a future heavyweight champion, outside of the ring he is down to earth, humble and carries himself like a champion, a real nice guy and inside the ring he was producing devastating knockouts one after the other.

However Thompson exposed a problem that had been felt before about Price’s defence which was really highlighted when he fought Matt Skelton, for as short as the bout was, Skelton was able to land fairly easily on Price when he did grit his teeth and start swinging (literally). Price wasn’t fluent moving backwards and creating space, he didn’t seem athletic or possess instinctive reflexes, his defence all seemed a bit methodical.

That’s fine when you are facing a 46 year old shot fighter like Skelton, however Thompson was always going to be a massive step up to the level of opposition Price had been facing, here you have a guy who is a shrewd southpaw, who can counter punch you and has a very fluent style.

Thompson seemed comfortable on the ropes during barrages from Price, this is an experienced guy who had shared the ring twice with arguably one of the best heavyweights of a generation, he was perhaps the first heavyweight Price had faced who did not panic under pressure from Price, he has ring savvy and it showed.

Offensively there is no question Price has to be one of the most dangerous heavyweights in the sport, he packs devastating power, he picks he shots well, throws good combinations and is an intimidating offensive force.

Building up to this fight i have watched the reply of the first fight several times and the more i watch it the more i am nervous for Price, the truth is i can’t remember seeing a legitimate world title contender go down like that before (and get wobbled in that manner), and the hard facts of the matter is the first time Price’s chin and general ability to take a shot has been put to the test at a world level it has ended in disaster.

For Price’s and UK’s boxings sake i really hope it was just one of things as a UK boxing fan there is nothing more i would like to see than David Price win a world title and get that buzz going around the UK heavyweight scene again. Lennox Lewis has been heavily involved in Price’s camp this time round and that can only have a positive effect however i still don’t believe he can solve every problem Price has in one camp. While i have massive respect for what David Price is doing i don’t believe this rematch is the right fight for David Price.

Given the market odds on Price at the moment and given what occurred last time i would struggle to put my money on Price at 3/10 any method and 4/9 for the TKO/KO, i would want around evens to make a sizeable play on Price by KO/TKO as i feel there is a sizeable concern that Price still has frailties that can be exploited at a world level by savvy opponents such as Thompson.

I believe there is a little value to be had on Tony Thompson at 3/1, if you took away his losses to Wladimir Klitschko he would currently be looking for his 9th straight knockout in a row, coupled with his 34th straight victory and many opponents of a higher level to what Price has faced, he holds a top ten ranking, and is the number one ranked American heavyweight (for what that is worth).

In my opinion after seeing the way Price went down last time and with the pressure he has put himself under insisting on this rematch, there is a good enough chance of things going wrong to take on 3/1.

ATR’s Bet – £50 on Tony Thompson 3/1 at Bet365 (Bet365 void the bet in the event a draw occurs)