Daniel Geale Vs Garth Wood – Fight preview and betting recommendation

Daniel Geale Vs Garth Wood  

Fight preview and boxing betting recommendation

Decent mid-week fight down under sees Daniel Geale face fellow Australian Garth Wood. Geale is coming in off the back of losing his IBF middleweight title to Darren Barker.

Geale most likely sees this as a warm up fight – rumours suggest that he may share a ring with Gennedy Golovkin in April, Wood sees this fight as so much more than a warm up, this is his moment.

Wood a late comer to professional boxing after previously playing professional rugby in Australia made moves when he won the Australian contender series at Super Middleweight.

Wood is raw without the seasoning, he does have technique but would much rather be involved in a street fight than a chess match.

Geale is one of the most successful Australian boxers of all time, especially in the last few years, he won the IBF middleweight title and defended it 4 times before losing to Barker, Geale is a good all rounder who adopts good work ethic, he is also tough and can take a shot or two.

Its no wonder given the difference in experience, and perhaps class that Wood is seen as a no hoper in this fight, i mean Geale is a former world champion with over 300 amatuer fights, Wood is just some ex rugby player who has decided to thug it out in the pro game, surely its a mismatch?

While of course i see Geale as the favourite and of course if my life depended upon he would be my pick, However in Wood i see a really determined fighter who can really bang. Geale can be tagged and if Wood really does catch Geale – he could stay hit.

I was eyeing up Wood earlier in the week because i saw him at 7/1 which i thought was a very, very good price, since today after seeing the weigh in and how Geale only made weight on his third attempt looking a tad gaunt, i really do see value in Wood.

Wood is my play, i may be way off the mark, like i say Geale should win here but we are playing the percentage game, Risk V Reward. Im keeping it small but Wood looks a generous 7/1 shot to me.

Boxingtipster.coms bet – £20 on Wood 7/1 Betfred (also cover a £1 on the draw at 28/1)