Cristian Mijares v Victor Terrazas – 20th April 2013

Terraza is a in your face high pressure type fighter who can bang, while Mijares is a slick southpaw with illusive movement and real slick boxing skills. 

Both fighters have competed at a high level and are on a good run at the moment, Terrazas hasn’t last in 3 years infact his last defeat was too Rendall Munroe in 2010.

I have to say i like Mijares in this fight, providing he can stay out the way of Terrazas a big bomb he should be able to nullify Terrazas aggression with his stylist make up.
I am going to make a play on Mijares 5/6 on Bet365.


£5000 – £60 on Mijares Bet365

£2500 – £30 on Mijares Bet365

£1000 – £12 on Mijares Bet365

£500 – £6 on Mijares Bet365