Chad Dawson Vs Adonis Stevenson – 8th June 2013

Preview, Prediction and betting tip

This is a tough one and i have gone back and forth a little i have to admit, however i think this could be somewhat a crossroads type fight with one fighter looking to simply cross the road without getting hit whilst the other looks to run across it with blinkers on.

Dawson probably has the better boxing ability overall, he is a good stylist boxer who uses angles and movement well, he foolishly went down to 168 to fight arguably one of the best pound for pound boxers in Andre Ward, now you could argue it would have been a different fight had the roles been revered, perhaps it would have.

However taking away the factor around weight, Dawson broke mentally in that fight, and i believe he has simply gone through the motions in other fights aswell, sometimes it seems like he is happy to do the minimum to get where he needs to be and for the best part of his career his superior talent vs his opponents has always seemed to see him through.

In Adonis Stevenson i think he has a real hungry fighter in front on him, one that will come for him and can hurt him and as quite a late flourisher at 35 is in a rush to get places, fast.

For that reason i think Dawson may well get a real rough ride here and i still question how deep is Dawson prepared to dig when and if he is taken into the trenches.

For that reason i have settled on 2/1 for Stevenson being a reasonable price he is talented fighter with fast speed and will most likely take the fight to Dawson, Dawson is a fighter who likes to control the pace of the fight and i am not sure he has that option here.

ATR’s Bet – £40 on Stevenson any method 2/1 sporting bet, £10 on Stevenson by KO/TKO 7/2 bet victor £2 on a draw 28/1 betvictor (based on 5k bankroll, adjust stakes according to your bankroll)